Soul Quest


 Seven Seeds Farm & Grey Back Mountain ~ Southern Oregon

September 22-September 27, 2015

What will you do to live?

How may workshops have you done?
How many paths have you walked?
How many promises have you broken?
How many drugs have you tried?
How much more life do you really want?
If you are like me, you’ve been on the path for a long time.  You’ve done your work.  You f*cked up.  You’ve done more work.  You’ve played hard.  You’ve fallen down.  And, you’re pretty good at getting up.
You’ve felt betrayed by the promises of teachers and coaches, by the culture of success, even by your own higher self.  You yearn to stabilize yourself in a state of grace, yet you are human, changeable, fallible… real.   You are continuously drawn by the flame of evolution.
Fundamentally, you love life.  And, you are coming to live within the realization that there is no destination, only the walk.
What next?

Welcome to INITIATION: live your life as your prayer.

This is my invitation to you to step into a fully initiated life – a medicine life – one where you get to create your amazing story while surrendering fully to your Creator.
One where you have the tools to live in alignment with your soul.
It’s the way I do it.  It works.  Not in a linear, safe way.  But, in the way you were designed to live – in integrity with the deepest intelligence of your organism and essence.  In a way where you get the most juice out of your challenges and your blessings, you get to be all that you can be, and you get to love as big as you really want to love.
And, I’ll tell you a secret.
This is the only path to true happiness, meaning or success.
I want you to have this.
I want to rock this life with you!

Initiation is a Vision Quest for people of all ages.

For untold millenium, people from earth based cultures around the globe have made rights of passage ceremonies for youth passing from adolescence to adulthood.  In general, these ceremonies involve leaving the comforts of home, the ease of family and tribe, to enter into deep contemplation, naked solitude with the wild and amplified states of consciousness to cry for a true vision – a personal vision for your life and for the unique gifts only you can give back to the tribe.
Today, we desperately need initiated leaders.  We need people who are embodied in the vision and image at the center of their souls.  Yet, we were not initiated as adolescents.  So, we come to this ceremony where ever and when ever we are in our lives to mark a clear passage – a passage into a deeper co-creation with life, a surrender of adolescent patterns, a dropping of addictions, fear and entitlement, an ownership of the gifts and responsibilities we are here to carry as we co-create the world we want to live in and share with future generations.
This is why I create Initiation.  This is my invitation to you.
Dancing Freedom 'VISION 2009'

Are you ready and willing to live an initiated life?  Uncover.  Recover.  Remember.

This Summer, join me and an amazing support team for this a six day journey integrating Dancing Freedom, yoga, community mirroring, permaculture immersion, sweat lodge, a vision hike and overnight solo sit on the top of Grey Back Mountain, and other ceremonial allies to uncover, recover and remember who you are.

Get the support you need to carry your soul truth and vision back in meaningful and potent ways into your life.  Anchor practices, prayer and subtle shifts in perspective that will help you to stay on the good road – no matter where your life takes you.

This journey does not promise any destination.  It promises to support you to live more gracefully and in true to who you really are.


The Details

We begin at 1pm on September 22nd.  We will complete by 4pm on September 27th.

Registration includes all guidance, food, camping, and ceremonial allies.   You are responsible for bringing your own tent and bedding and a pack and gallon water bottle for the hike to the top of the mountain.  The hike to the top of Grey Back is a moderately strenuous 6+ hour hike at 5,000 feet of elevation, so please be prepared to make that journey that with a light pack.

Please email me directly if you would like further details on the schedule and ceremony at

We will accept up to 18 people.  We expect to sell out, so please be sure to put your deposit in to reserve your spot.

We will have a group preparatory call in early July.  You may also want to book a private session with Samantha to further clarify you intentions and the deeper patterns you will be working with during your ceremony.

Please read Soul Craft or Nature and the Human Soul, both by Bill Plotkin and/or Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss to prepare yourself for our work together.


Deposit (reserves your spot):  $250

Early Bird:  $895 when paid in full by April 31st

Regular Registration:  $995

Click here to register.

samAho Mitakuaye Oyasin!

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