Stars blanket the mid-pacific sky in quiet intensity, testifying to the immanence and abundance of light that makes up the fabric of our universe.

I raise my head to the night.  Breathe.

Give thanks.

Stars birth.  Stars die.  Stars fall.

Stars implode into black holes and dissolve into other universes.

Without fear.

Yes.  I am invested in the falling.
I am invested in the sparkle.

In my own way, I am a star.

My life work is to embrace and grow through my fear.

An you?


So Be It

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

I am not a teacher.

I have nothing to say.

What I know is stillness And motion.

What I know is that they are one and the same.

I am universe dancing.

I offer the love that I am.

God speaks or is silent from this.  This being of freedom IS the Prayer.