You Can Not Save The Earth Without Engaging the Earth


Scarlet runner beans harvested last September @ http://www.siskiyouseeds.coom

The prayer to “save the earth” is not a spectator’s prayer.  It’s a participant’s prayer.  If you’re not physically doing something with the prayer, you’re part of the problem. 

Beneath this is the reality that one can not “save the earth.”  The earth will save herself, regardless of the hubris of humanity.  The prayer behind the prayer is to save ourselves – to find a way as individuals to engage our own part in the collective, wholesale transformation of civilization – a transformation that must occur if we are to cause a viable future for ourselves as a species, and hopefully the future of other species, as well.  This is not a prayer that means anything at all when prayed from non-embodied, theoretical or imaginal place.  That’s just wishing in order to make one’s self feel better.  “Saving the earth” is a way of projecting the fear that we won’t save ourselves.

The prayer, then, is to be a part of co-creating a viable future for life on this planet.  And, that prayer only means something when you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – when you put your head, heart and hands INTO THE PRAYER through REAL actions.  These actions take place the living, sensuous, messy, challenging and exquisitely beautiful context of being IN YOUR BODY, working directly with the earth and engaging with other people.  If you want to “save the earth,” consider what co-creative and generative actions you can take.  And, mitigate the actions and consumption(s) you take for granted that have heavy impacts on the earth – like flying to Bali for dream vacations, driving rather than walking to the store, eating factory farmed meat or using plastic packaged anything).  Do the math on your actions and inactions.

It’s incoherent and cynical to talk about “saving the earth” while simultaneously justifying high-impact activities with statements like, “I deserve it,” or “it’s what I need to do to love myself.”  That’s a very short sighted form of self-love.

These days, I spend large portions of my days with my hands working soil, seeds, weeds, branch and the flower.  My fingernails are worn and often ringed with dirt.  I pack a knife and a garden clippers on my belt.  And, yes… I still dance, run my Dancing Freedom business and see coaching clients.  (FYI, my favorite new stacking of functions is doing my weeding or seeding while I do coaching calls.  Because I’m a kinesthetic person, being in my body helps me focus exponentially more awesome attention on my clients, and it channels all that healing energy directly into the earth.) 

Ghandi said, “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.”  I have no doubt that this is true.  


What do you want to contribute to the future today?


7 simple actions you can take now:

  1. Pay the real cost of food.  This means purchasing as much as you can from farmer’s markets and not cutting corners when (and if) you buy animal products.  Sustainable
  2. Demand that your city or town make water catchment legal.  Consider installing an illegal system in your home or building.
  3. Grow a garden with open pollinated, organic seeds.  Open your yard to share with others, if you have one.  If you don’t, knock on some doors.
  4. Get to know your neighbors.  Together, you can grow more awesome gardens, raise healthier, happier kids, create safer neighborhoods and maybe, just maybe, achieve miracles of collective best interest.
  5. Walk or Bike.  Still one of the best stacked function solutions for fitness and lower carbon impacts.
  6. Dance.  It will make you radiant and connect you with new people – both of which are functions of thrivability.
  7. Share YOUR ideas and solutions in a comment on this blog.

“There is one, and only one, solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to; we need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.”   – Bill Mollison




ps.  More on permaculture principles, thrivability and purpose coming soon…

Improbable. Incredible. Indomitable.

ImageWhat do dancers, Burners, organic farmers, artists, healers, conscious parents and sacred activists all have in common?

1.) We choose to live life at the improbable edge of beauty and simplicity, giving our time, energy and attention, our blood, sweat and tears back to the earth, into our prayers, and in service to the continuity and interconnectivity of all of life. (We know that real abundance can be found not in more stuff or bigger bank accounts, but in awakeness, relationship and the physical structures that perpetuate and empower real health and ecological balance.)

2.)  We daily meet feeling and sensation, fatigue and elation, destruction and creation with incredible courage, self-awareness and persistent compassion, not because it’s easy, but because it’s the only thing that really makes sense or that makes us happy.  We like to be happy.  (We choose to show up instead of walking away.)

3.) We embody the indomitable intelligence of life itself, being and behaving as the water, going with the Way, engaging our energy to create more love, light and life, flowing as the coherency of soul-in-action.  (We turn off the death channels of addiction, dissociation, despondency, despair, apathy, anxiety, materialism and rage in favor of YES to the challenges, growth and grace of life.)

WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.  We – the dancers, the farmers, the sacred activists, the parents, the artists, the incurable lovers of life – embody wise and fierce innocence, a chosen innocence we have won through the hard initiations of years.  We manifest the true spirit of creativity, vitality, radiance and learning-through-play as the art and practice of our lives.  We constantly re-blossom in the prayer for more life, more love, deeper into-me-see, more meaningful service, and a more elevated yet connected experience of being LIBERATED INTO LIFE.

ImageToday, I bow to you.  I bow to the improbable, incredible, indomitable beauty that you mirror back to me.  I bow to the intensity of our creative fire, the magnificence of our passion, the trembling of our vulnerability, the disorientation of our ego dissolution, and the numinous emergence of ALL of our dreams.  You take my breath away.  You shatter me with your grace.  You startle me with wisdom and humility.  You mirror me to myself and remind me where my heart, body and soul are at home.  Without you, I could not fully be myself.

Thank you for who you are, who we are becoming, and who WE WILL BE as we continue to co-create the living architectures and ways of being that are the hope for the future of humanity.

Today, I say YES, MORE, PLEASE.  Yes.  Let us live, let us dance, let us create the improbable peace we continuously seek.  Let  us be simple, humble, beautiful and wise.  Let us be the the ones who cause a regenerative human presence on this earth

Today, I say thank you to you, for the seeds within you.  And, I invite you to plant them, to water them, and to bring them fully into fruit.  We need us.  We need you.

If you’ve been feeling small, insecure, insignificant, lost or out of control… ok.  Guess what?  We all feel that sometimes.  And, we all are that sometimes.  But, it’s just a temporary state.  It’s normal for anyone who is really living at the edge of mystery.  Just take a big, sighing breath and flush that feeling out of your system.  Let it go.  Take a new breath.  Remind yourself that you are living your life in relationship with something far larger than yourself.  You are living in alignment with life.  Life has your back.  Bring those less-than-awesome feelings into the dance and shake them loose.  In the perfect prayer you already have for yourself, you will soon make the next step, and the next.  You are improbable, incredible, indomitable…  we know who you are!

As Dostoyevsky said, “Beauty will save the world.”  What improbable, incredible, indomitable dream is latent and waiting to be birthed through you?

Make the prayer.

Do your dance.



Ps… if that dream is all about DANCE, please join me in BALI, November 1-26 for the Dancing Freedom International Teacher Training and Soul Immersion – an initiation into movement as medicine that will launch you into the next expression of the dream of your life.

What are WE Harvesting? Deepen your awareness of what Summer is bringing into your life.

ImageIt’s late Summer.  If you’re like most people, you are doing all you can to squeeze the goodness out of these last luscious days, and to enjoy connection with nature, friends, family and your body in the radiance of the season.

It’s a precious time when our lives, like the trees, are fruit laden.  We buzz with the nectars of sunlight and shared community.  We pulse erotic juice into our movement – a delicious expression of expansive energy.  We play.  We are blessed in sweet anticipation of fall’s harvest.

At this point in the cycle, it’s good to take a pause and observe.   Ask:  what am I harvesting?  What is the fruit of all this connection?  What seeds are being planted?  In me?  In others through me?  Which ones am I willing to water and steward – not just for a little while, but in the deepest currents of my soul and lifestream?

Autumn is coming, and with it Harvest Time.  As we, the human animals, play in Summer’s radiance, traversing coasts, attending festivals, prepping for Burning Man and other late Summer gatherings, it’s good to turn towards our hearts, our beloveds and our communities and ask:  What are WE harvesting?

Is it new work, new love, a deeper turning towards something difficult, a greater commitment to something beautiful, an emergent sense of purpose, or the setting down of some old weight so you can walk tall again?  What steps are you taking to bring the accumulated energy of this time of light into the assimilative and co-creative time of Autumn?

This love dance we are in is a dance for the future of humanity.  As the elders have said, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  It is for us to birth an emergent pattern for our tribes – one that works FOR life.

This is my prayer for our dances:  that they seed and bring to fruit the visions and connections, the courage and the surrender, the persistence and the joy, to feed and fuel an emergent regenerative culture.

May every step be experienced as the surrender of the fruit – a ripe and honest death – a rebirth into trust.  As Summer yields to Autumn, to Winter and to Spring, may each season’s precise mirror bring us ever more deeply into harmony with the implicate order of life – the sacred cycles that our lives, dreams and daily acts co-create as a love dance of spirit and matter.

I invite you, in these last long days, to bring your heart’s deepest longing and your authentic presence lovingly into your dances, into all of your relating.  Look into the eyes and hearts of your beloveds.  There, we will find our next steps.



What to do upon waking

ImageWaking up is sacred business.  In the moments between dreaming and waking, the universe changes.  That is, the universe as you (and you really are a whole universe!) shifts consciousness in a truly basic and radical way.  When we are asleep, we dream the world awake.  When we are awake, we live it.  How you surf the numinous bridge between your dreaming and your waking matters to the way experience meaning, authenticity, connection and fulfillment in your life.  Do you live in and create from the architectures of your soul’s dreaming, or do you live as a lonely wanderer in a world that alienates your essence?  The choice is up to you.  It’s all about making the bridge between your true creative capacity and your daily life.  The moments between sleeping and waking hold powerful keys to becoming the You that you dream you can be.

What do you DO with your dreams?  Literally.  What is the first thing you DO upon waking?  The difference between really “inspired” people and other people is that inspired people DO something with their guidance.  Everyone gets inspiration.  But it takes focus to let that stream of big information flow through you into words and actions, blogs and art pieces, conversations and businesses.  It takes attention and diligence to repeatedly create a living bridge between your dreams and the behaviors and physical forms of your life.   But, it’s pretty much the only game worth playing while living a human life.  That is, if you want to know and feel and experience the crazy awesome pleasure that comes from creating in integrity with who you really ARE. So, you might as well get GOOD at it.

How do you wake yourself?  What thoughts are habitual at that tender moment of bridging this world and the other world of dreamtime?  Do you pause to receive your dreams?  And do you take the time to thank your life and pray your way into the day?

Here’s some tips from my own practice of navigating waking.

What do I do upon waking:

Listen.  Stay as still and as quiet as possible and listen to the tender bridge between my dreams and my waking.  Occasionally, I will write them down.

A yawning big-cat stretch.  Taking a few moments to feel the soft animal of my body.

Here’s what my inner self talk sounded like:

Long listening silence, simply feeling.

“Good morning beauty.  Good morning dreams.  Good morning breath.  (Big breath!)

Thank you for my life.”

Listening to my dreams:

What often comes for me, these days, is something like a directive.  This blog, for example.  This is what came through my dreams to DO, to SHARE, to co-create a more awesome and evolutionarily optimal conversation with my world.  But, sometimes, what comes is visions that aren’t so easily translated.  These are fun.  Other times, what comes is the need to feel into something disturbing, or to let myself thing and feel long and hard about some old unresolved loss.  It is always a healing opportunity.  And, if I am honest with myself (about my honest feelings, pleasant or not) and present with the dream images themselves, the healing bundle always reveals itself.  Dreams can be subconscious or superconscious, lucid or non-lucid.  All of them are valuable.  The more present you become to them, the more lucid and superconscious they often become, and the more powerfully they inform the living of your life.

Remember, even if you feel grumpy or stiff or a bit hung over, this is YOUR day:

All the world: the bird, the dawn, the smallest green thing, is saying to you, “LOVE YOUR LIFE.”  All that life wants from you is that you soften and open to living.

It’s up to you to listen and to STAY AWAKE.

Travelogue… What is GROUNDING? In the numinous space between Ecuador & Guatemala


Written in the numinous space between Ecuador & Guatemala.


Feeling totally in flux today…  really deconstructed.

I am learning to ground in the mystery… which is completely beyond grounding.  It’s  about birthing myself into a human being-ness that is spirit, soul and body all together – integrated.

This time is going to be a wild ride for humanity.  We’ve created quite a crucible for ourselves.  Sometimes I worry about it.  But, what I’ve learned is that it’s my job to love and to be happy.  And that, if I have any influence at all over the future, it is by creating the most awesome, soulful, authentic NOW I possibly can.

I have the ubiquitous feeling that EVERYTHING is changing.  It IS.  In the midst of it all, I’m sometimes not at all sure what I am passionate about.  I’m a really passionate person, but in these times, everything is up for renegotiation.  And, some new kind of stillness is being called for – and it calls me to pause, to be, and to unplug all kinds of stories about what has been meaningful and important and passionate in my life.  Sometimes I can’t tell if this is depression or awakeness…  I’m able to turn towards just about anything and be present, but sometimes I’m not totally sure what is motivating me.  It’s like there is an empty space inside.  Sometimes it is filled with a palpable sense of love, and sometimes it is just empty – totally neutral.
A lot of masters talk about this…  They say, “It’s not what you think it is… This love is beyond objects.”
I think what is going on is really about surrendering attachments and ego programs that make things “important” in a way that isn’t really real.  But/and, being human… sometimes it’s really hard to navigate without those attachments – like I’m a ship that could go anywhere.
It’s good to talk about this…
The question is…  What I am working towards?  WHY am I working.  Am I working to fill myself up because I am essentially empty inside.  Or, am I working as an outcome of the magnetic pull of love towards itself.  Life says – “turn towards life.”   Love says “turn towards love.” “Turn towards life.”
Here’s what I get.  I am stabilizing in love – not love for something, but love itself.  And, as a human being, walking the path will co-generate the stability.  Walking is a way of being.  As Bucky said, “I’m a verb.”  I am found in the finding which happens both in the being and in the doing of a self that is grounded in love.  That’s the nature of being alive.  That’s my opportunity.  That’s how we stay grounded and stay on the path:  we live on it and we love AS it.
I feel shaky right now because I feel vast shifts in my path AND in the world around me.   It’s natural to feel rocked when there’s no object constancy – within or without.  Yet, this is the blossoming of a deeper stability in and as love.  As I ground in this, I feel peace, and I experience the path unfurling naturally.  I respond and it’s OK.  Similarly, when I am really DOING something as an expression of my natural love – I notice that I’m “On track.”  And this, too generates its own form of soul stability -because I am BEing my dharma, behaving AS my true purpose.
I can find grounding BOTH from the angle of being and from the angle of the doing of my purpose, living what give me joy and being joyous in what I’m living.   And… I’m remembering that grounding that has an eternal and perfect quality.  It’s a constant.  If I’m present, I am grounded.
~s.s. with D.L.  9/12
Find out more about practices to GROUND in times of change at DANCING FREEDOM.