Time is scarce. Time is infinite.


Live awake here and now in the spiral of time.

Have you noticed moments unfolding in infinity?  Have you noticed whole days slipping by almost without notice? Have you recently experienced yourself getting more done in less time than you could have possibly imagined to be possible?  While sometimes, the most basic things take a near infinity?

This is because linear time has collapsed.  We are now living life as art, time as art.  …seriously.  Time is bendable, stretchable, usable, maleable, expandable, collapsible, valueless and infinitely valuable.

Actually… time is the substrate within which you experience meaning and value.  It is the “space” within which consciousness occurs and knows itself in an arc of unfolding action.  This arc holds all your perceptions, all your relations and all of your memories.  It IS ceaseless change, and it is eternally the same in it’s essential nature.

Because the fabric of time has in fact changed at this “time” in the arc of Earth and humanity’s evolution, you have more creative agency around how your perception and your choices shape your relationship to time than EVER before.  How you use and place your attention (and energy)  within presence and action is the sum total of the love and power you have available to you for your life.  It happens here.  It happens now.  Period.  In this sense, you have more creative power than has ever been possible before for a human being on this planet.  It’s pretty cool.

Ok… What does all this neo-quantum-zen talk mean?

It means that is is now REALLY true that the only thing you really “own” is your time, energy and attention.  The only place your really LIVE is here. The only time your really have is NOW.  The only thing that really makes sense is to be more present, to love more, trust more deeply, give more, receive more.

Think less.

If you really love dance, then dance.  If you really love water, then do something with an for the water.  If you really love children, don’t hesitate to become a parent. If  you really love the earth, then be with her, work with her, co-create with her, sing with her, dance with her, tell her stories and let her help you with yours.   If you really love YOURSELF, then be and do what you love.


We are liberated in the sweet friction of life, if we let ourselves fall without effort.

What you do with your time, energy and attention is is not only valuable, it is the root cause and locus of value and meaning in your life.  So, it REALLY matters what you choose to do with your time, energy and attention.  It also really HELPS to take it all lightly.  Like a feather knowing itself against the wind, you know yourself by virtue of the sweet friction you exert in the universe.  It’s not complicated.  It’s the Law of Experience.  Living in time is how we learn, how we know, how we birth, how we grow, and how we go.

Time is infinite.  You are finite.  Use the blessed scarcity of your moments to expand into infinity.  This is the real meaning of immortality… but, we’ll save that for another day.



What to do upon waking

ImageWaking up is sacred business.  In the moments between dreaming and waking, the universe changes.  That is, the universe as you (and you really are a whole universe!) shifts consciousness in a truly basic and radical way.  When we are asleep, we dream the world awake.  When we are awake, we live it.  How you surf the numinous bridge between your dreaming and your waking matters to the way experience meaning, authenticity, connection and fulfillment in your life.  Do you live in and create from the architectures of your soul’s dreaming, or do you live as a lonely wanderer in a world that alienates your essence?  The choice is up to you.  It’s all about making the bridge between your true creative capacity and your daily life.  The moments between sleeping and waking hold powerful keys to becoming the You that you dream you can be.

What do you DO with your dreams?  Literally.  What is the first thing you DO upon waking?  The difference between really “inspired” people and other people is that inspired people DO something with their guidance.  Everyone gets inspiration.  But it takes focus to let that stream of big information flow through you into words and actions, blogs and art pieces, conversations and businesses.  It takes attention and diligence to repeatedly create a living bridge between your dreams and the behaviors and physical forms of your life.   But, it’s pretty much the only game worth playing while living a human life.  That is, if you want to know and feel and experience the crazy awesome pleasure that comes from creating in integrity with who you really ARE. So, you might as well get GOOD at it.

How do you wake yourself?  What thoughts are habitual at that tender moment of bridging this world and the other world of dreamtime?  Do you pause to receive your dreams?  And do you take the time to thank your life and pray your way into the day?

Here’s some tips from my own practice of navigating waking.

What do I do upon waking:

Listen.  Stay as still and as quiet as possible and listen to the tender bridge between my dreams and my waking.  Occasionally, I will write them down.

A yawning big-cat stretch.  Taking a few moments to feel the soft animal of my body.

Here’s what my inner self talk sounded like:

Long listening silence, simply feeling.

“Good morning beauty.  Good morning dreams.  Good morning breath.  (Big breath!)

Thank you for my life.”

Listening to my dreams:

What often comes for me, these days, is something like a directive.  This blog, for example.  This is what came through my dreams to DO, to SHARE, to co-create a more awesome and evolutionarily optimal conversation with my world.  But, sometimes, what comes is visions that aren’t so easily translated.  These are fun.  Other times, what comes is the need to feel into something disturbing, or to let myself thing and feel long and hard about some old unresolved loss.  It is always a healing opportunity.  And, if I am honest with myself (about my honest feelings, pleasant or not) and present with the dream images themselves, the healing bundle always reveals itself.  Dreams can be subconscious or superconscious, lucid or non-lucid.  All of them are valuable.  The more present you become to them, the more lucid and superconscious they often become, and the more powerfully they inform the living of your life.

Remember, even if you feel grumpy or stiff or a bit hung over, this is YOUR day:

All the world: the bird, the dawn, the smallest green thing, is saying to you, “LOVE YOUR LIFE.”  All that life wants from you is that you soften and open to living.

It’s up to you to listen and to STAY AWAKE.

Regenerate Yourself

Unleash the light withinRegenerate Yourself

Has it ever occurred to you that nothing ever repeats itself in the universe?   Nothing.  Every moment is literally a new moment.  Therefore, you are regenerating yourself in every moment.  Literally, you cannot repeat, re-do or recreate ANYTHING… EVER.

This means that habit is an illusion, or an attachment.  We are way more free than we think we are.  The most useful habit to drop is the habit of habit.  This empowers us to live in the present moment and to truly enjoy the vibrancy and potency of life.

I’ve been hanging out with my friend Dr. Joe Marshalla, PhD. philosopher, physicist, neuroscientist  and discoverer of the Law of Repeatlessness.  I’ve been learning a lot about the biological mechanisms through which the brain creates and attaches to habit and takes us out of the present moment.  I’ve been learning about how to unplug from these mechanisms (and habits!) and thus become more fully awake and liberated in every moment.  IT ROCKS!  Thank you, Joe, for these tools and for being in my life!

The implications of The Law of Repeatlessness for healing addiction, rage, despair, depression, trauma and sabotage patterns of all kinds are literally mindblowing. Further, the possibility for lasting peace that it represents is utterly compelling.  For me, this work fills in spaces in a great prayer I’ve been holding for my whole life- to co-create a regenerative culture of embodied oneness and peace.  I’m SO excited to dance and share more of this work with you over the coming year and beyond.

Blessed Be!