In and Beyond Time

In and Beyond Time

Words Fall in oneness, through me.

Words fall on my side of the cosmic divide between this “one”
and “everything else.”

It is for me to hear through my soul channel,
As it is for you to hear through yours.

We are not alone in the hearing
Because the listening itself is a fabric,
a connective
a verb that is a tissue,
a structure,
a promise
of gossamer connectivity between all things
In all time
In now.

I no longer forget.
I no longer remember.
I act or be
Be and act.

Noun into verb,
Verb into noun
All object.
All subject.

All subject to the rulership of divine harmony,
All in service to the sweet channel… of love.
And, in this, I have chosen.

I choose to dance the violet pentacle at the center of the flame,
At the center, where all hands grasp through the fire,

I choose a creativity
Which is uniquely peace.

I chose embodiment that is universally peace.

That is what is.
No more.
No less.
We are bowls of water.
Always full
Always empty.

Half and half is for beginners.
Take it all and leave it all.

And, still…
Don’t forget skillful maybe –
the open portal to what is beyond imagining.

leave ambivalence at the door.

In this fierce storm of yes,
this sweet autumn of wind,
this quiet knowing of the path:

Begin in the Body.
Let it live.
Let it breath.
Let it feed.
Let it be soft, animal, instinctive and

Begin in the body, and connect.
This is where peace lives.
Peace becomes.
Peace acts, one gesture at a time.

Begin in the body.
Live in the heart.
This is not a choice.

This is a fact.
ACT from this fact.
And through this align in and beyond – space and time.

~ s.s.

Falling Home

Falling Home

Silence falls in the space beyond story.

The subtle currents take us home.

We are known, human, his-story, her-story.
We are beginnings.
We are rememberings.

We are endings: each one of us complete in the now.
And, we are vulnerable.

In our sharing,
We paint heart resonance across the beyond.
We braid wholeness in body, heart and mind.
We offer ourselves into a space no more and no less
Than human and being.

Our stories show us the shape of home,
Offer up the RASA of hope beyond despair.

Our actions paint
The Audacity of Hope
Across a darkening sky.

And we gather the courage,
the willingness
to stand up again and again,
dance and sing again and again,
love and fall silent again and again
in the face of fear,
unbearable joy
and the slow to dissolve seed of indifference.

We are a small army of gratitude,
Truth fractals unfolding in time and space.
We are living answers.
We are lovers.

Falling, we are given wings.

– Samantha Sweetwater