Harness Your Horse!

ImageHappy New Year! 

Today begins the Chinese Year of the Yang Wood Horse.  Bold, creative, passionate and engaged.  Yang wood energy building through the fiery, impulsive, intuitive and heart-centered passion of the horse.  It’s time to get to harness your heart’s longings and get to business in joyful, galloping style!!!

This Chinese New Year marks what is probably the biggest shift in energies within the entire 60 year cycle of the Chinese calendar.  We have emerged out of two intense, deconstructive, highly emotive and shadow-filled water years into the new growth of Wood and the passionate stamina of Horse.  Last year’s Water Snake forced a profound shedding of skins, a decent into soul shadow and a dissolution of false (egoic) identities and securities at the deepest level.  The preceding Water Dragon year saw a global rebellion against the status quo in the name of love, justice and social responsibility.  It also saw many of these movements smashed by the dragonic energies of established authority, causing yet deeper questioning.  So, if you feel like these last two years systematically took you apart and handed you humble pie, you’ve been perfectly positioned by the universe to engage these new energy in high, fresh style.

If you’ve “lost yourself” a bit in the wash cycle, don’t worry.  Here’s why:  When a snake sheds it’s skin, even the skin over the eyes sheds.  During this time, the skin becomes and opaque shroud, and the snake can’t see.  Trust that you’ve shed those final layers.  Like the snake, who was temporarily blinded, open your new eyes. See yourself anew, as the awesome, totally capable person you really are.  With the added humility, depth and realism the last two years have given you, you are prepared to offer your gifts with greater maturity and strengthened heart.   And, because you can see (and feel) clearly now, be sure to clean closets, finish unfinished business and move through those old locked energies – now. 

This is a year to feed emergent growth, trust intuition, ride creative momentum, and engage the heart stamina of the horse. 


Image3 Affirmations For the Year of the Yang Wood Horse:


1.)  My freedom and response-ability are one.

To be fully alive means to be able-to-respond.  The ability to respond is what distinguishes those who are and who are not free.  The Yang Horse embodies the intersection of freedom and responsibility – the place where our capacity to be in the world, building, creating, engaging passionately with others through visions for a better world – intersects our sensation of freedom – the wild pull of passion on the sinew of our souls. 


2.)  I create because I can and because I have to.

All the energies of the world are aligned to support sustained, heart-centered action.  When the universe is aligned in this way, it is doubly painful not to be engaged.  Don’t fight it.  Jut do it.  It’s going to be ridiculously fun.  Sub-affirmation:  I’ve got the reigns.  I can do it!


3.)  My heart and mind are in perfect alignment.

The Yang (or Green) Horse is an impulsive, intuitive and deeply feeling creature of fire moving through a building cycle of Wood. Let your horse heart gallop delightedly towards your highest visions with strength and surety.  This energy is too strong to be dominated by mind, but are happily harnessed through the structural, coherent energy of wood. 


It’s going to be a great year.  Trust your naked heart, set a clear course, and GET BUSY.  Connect with other in the happy heard.  The universe is supporting your big, bold, dreams and manifestations NOW.







What ever it is… I am in co-existence with it. I am dependently co-arising with EVERYTHING. I am equilibrating with every aspect of my perception, and thereby surrendering my charge (whether positive OR negative) with everything in my awareness to come into greater HARMONY with life.