So Be It

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

I am not a teacher.

I have nothing to say.

What I know is stillness And motion.

What I know is that they are one and the same.

I am universe dancing.

I offer the love that I am.

God speaks or is silent from this.  This being of freedom IS the Prayer.

Solstice thoughts…

rainbow sky

Love.  In the time of apocalypse.  Unpacked from its latin roots, apocalypse means revelation: the great turning, revealed in the death of all that we have ever known.  Am I ready?  Are we ready.  I am reminded of the stark words of a long ago friend: “all we can do is love it.”  Love in the time of apocalypse is beyond reason, beyond hoping, a choice of faith beyond reason.  let go.  fly.