Once Upon Our Future

10629849_10152229246506360_7315816685292408935_nIncreasingly, I look at the world through a biocentric (rather than anthropocentric) lens.  I’m not afraid to say that I consider most “business as usual” ways of doing things to be totally insane.  Thankfully, a lot of us are embodying new ways of being and doing humanness.  If you are reading this, you are a probably an agent of that change.  In your own way, you are a part of an emergent and evolving humanity.  Thank you.

I wrote this during Sunday’s Climate March.  I wrote this for us.


…Someday, we’ll look back with great certainty and know that we were insane to cut down our forests, deplete our soils, destroy our watersheds, dam our salmon runs, frack our water tables, patent life forms, control the weather, or war over water. Someday, we’ll alight in our simplicity. Someday, we’ll come to understand that real abundance is a living flow, a giving and a receiving, a deep relating, a sacred connection to our land, food, water, soil, air, ancestors, and all of our relations – that is exalted in sharing, not in getting or holding on. Someday, when the planet has spoken so loudly that we can not help but respond, we may discover a sense of self, an experience of PLACE, a social order, a sacred economics and an entirely new (and simpler) set of co-creative technologies that mirror the implicate intelligence of life.

5 Billion years of evolution flows in our DNA, in our instinct, intuition, emotion and empathy. Someday, we’ll look back and know that we are here to c0-create with all of this.

Someday we’ll look back and remember this time through the stories we kept and the ones we made up to keep us through the long dark.

Someday we’ll be softer and stronger.  We’ll know how to LISTEN and how to pray – not to the one god, but to the sacred-in-all.

Someday we’ll look back and, say, “yes, that time was scary and sad.”  We’ll have new hero stories and new death stories.  We’ll have stories of interspecies collaboration.  Mostly, we’ll have one Big New Story of a global people who have come home to place:  people who love where they live and give what they love and eat and sing the living fruits of their valleys.  We’ll have one Big New Story about what it means to come HOME and the sacredness of our neighbors.  We’ll have one Big New Story with life at the center and humans as members of a much larger circle of life.

With great compassion, we’ll say, “they did the best they could.  But, they were ignorant.  It was a part of the pattern.”

For life only wants more life.

And, imbalance precedes harmony.

Ignorance invoke wisdom.

Death teaches how to live.

And we are learning HOW TO LOVE.




Get bigger.

Listen to this future.

Listen to the water.

Time is with us, crashing down on us, in this sweet, closed loop system called Planet Earth.

And, the future is here for the making.

It begins by coming HOME.

It begins with LOVE.

3 Spiritual Upgrades to CHANGE YOUR LIFE


1.)  Oneness excludes nothing.  No exceptions.  Unconditional love includes all things.  If we genuinely look into the mechanism by which oneness occurs, it necessarily EMBRACES the totality of creation.  No exceptions.  Oneness is the all-ness of the everything that is.  Period.

2.) Fear is the inception point of love.  Fear is life loving life, the root impulse of life protecting itself.  It’s the evidence of how much we care to continue to exist.  The human brain, however, has evolved to a level of complexity where we immediately INTERPRET our fears, and attempt to mitigate or make them go away.  It’s our interpretation and thinking about fear that quickly becomes dysfunctional – taking us into past and future thinking and running thought scenarios that are other than what is really occurring.  We then have a lot of feelings about these thoughts, and the dysfunctional loop perpetuates itself. LEARNING TO BE WITH FEAR IS AN EVOLUTIONARY PATTERN.  The root fear response is generally immensely intelligent and very much in the present.  The real path of wisdom is to have appropriate and mindful RESPONSE to fear, and to learn to inhibit secondary interpretations that create suffering about our suffering.  Then we can live awake – we can embody oneness.

3.)  The ego is NOT the enemy.  Our current spiritual story has lumped our whole personality into the category of “ego” and made the ego the enemy.  This is a really narrow view.  From a psychological perspective, the “ego” is a complex of sub-selves that make up the whole person.  These sub-selves are not in and of themselves a problem.  The problem is that they are largely unconscious, AND that there is a particular set of sub-selves we could call the “protector/controller” that are generally running the show.  The key is to develop an AWAKE EGO- to unplug the unconscious ways in which the controlling sub-selves manipulate and run the shows of our lives.  Once we begin to develop and Awake Ego, we can begin to surrender or repattern the negative and unconscious ego patterns that we commonly call “ego” so that we can live more fully awake, responsive, resilient and life-full lives.  Consider this:  the ego is a living operating system through wich we can convey soul and spirit.  It is the user interface between people, the vehicle through wich we navigate all of our relations.  We need it.  We are relational beings.  The real evolutionary growing edge for the human species is to relate coherently though personalities that are lovingly connected to ALL of who we are – both our humanity and our immensity as soul and spirit.

…think about it.  The implications are exquisite.

We Are Evolution

Dancing On The Edge

Dancing On The Edge

We Are Evolution

(Excerpted from the book I am writing:  Dancing Freedom:  A Conscious Mover’s Handbook)

“When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to lift the system to a higher order.”  ~ Ilya Prigogine

Evolution is the process through which change acts on living systems and through which living systems change – transcending and including previous patterns in a spiral pathway of increasing diversity, complexity and harmony.

Nothing ever stays the same.  Change is the eternal constant, and life is motion.  Life implies growth, maturation, decay, death and quiescence.  Death implies rebirth.  The journey through all of these phases is a moving journey.  Systems tend towards expansion and complexity, then fall apart, then cohere again.  Coherency is a point of simplicity, or pure presence, that allows for things to come together (to cohere) at a new order of evolution.

When we navigate change consciously and coherently, we become agents of conscious evolution – literally, we are life, change and evolution being conscious of itself.  We are evolutionaries – shaping and being shaped by the growing edge of consciousness.  When we bring awareness to the process, we influence outcomes.

As we steward change, we are always either midwifing birth or hospicing death – both within ourselves and with others.  Each of us will do some of both as we facilitate Dancing Freedom.  Both things can be happening in the same group of people or in the same individual at the same time.  We hold space for this through love.  We hold safe space for the breakdown and the breakthrough by grounding, expanding to meet whatever IS, and resting in presence and compassion. We do not try to change what is happening.  We simply create coherent space through the balance of expansion (permission, invitation, invocation, inspiration) and containment (clear boundaries and agreements).

“The love we co-create together is an alchemical substance, and this substance can transform our cells and our world.  Love like this is coherence in action.”  ~Falco, founder of Dhamanhur

The Shape of Evolution

The Shape of Evolution

Evolution is happening.  It is happening whether we like it or not.  At this moment, it is heavily amplified by the human presence on the planet.  We have created an evolutionary crucible for ourselves and for all of life.  As conscious creators and members of the human family, it simply makes sense to BE THE COHERENCY.  We have the opportunity to engage evolution consciously – because we can.  This is the grace of having such large brains.  We have self-reflexivity and can make choices!  Because we are a species that is aware of itself and it’s creative relationship with it’s environment, we are uniquely poised to consciously co-create the next steps for our very young species and for all of life on planet earth, and perhaps for all of life in the universe.  We have brains large enough, and hearts big enough to co-create a path of harmony

We can do this by being coherent.

For a human being, coherency comes through:

  • Grounding
  • Personal Presence
  • Collective Resonance
  • Aligning with shift at all scales
  • Developing an Awake Ego
  • Cultivating Nomadic/Indigenous Mind

The Nomadic Consciousness or Indigenous Mind is RESPONSIVE to internal awareness and outer stimulus in a way that is in integrity with life.  Here are some qualities of this way of being:

  • Non-fixety
  • Source Wisdom
  • Life Wisdom
  • Body-presence
  • Permeability with the Environment
  • Wonder
  • Responsivity
  • Loyalty
  • Providing Home
  • Collectivity
  • Self-responsibility
  • Discernment
  • Wise Seeing
  • Humility
  • Energetic & Emotional Ethics
  • Compassion
  • Containment
  • Asking for Help
  • Seeking Elders

Each of us is powerful beyond knowing.  We Are Evolution.  The Collective Consciousness of humanity is a system (or oversoul) that is evolving as WE change the ways in which we project, perceive and respond to reality.

~Copy write, Samantha Sweetwater, 2011

How to gain leverage in your personal universe

Say YES to the beauty around you. Seek beauty to heal your soul.

Life is THE miracle.

Once upon a time consciousness birthed itself into form… Over time, the miriad, ever-learning form shaped itself into a very specific happening called your life…

Right now, you are having the opportunity to live as a moving, breathing, perceiving, feeling, thinking bundle of LIFE, of consciousness having an experience of itself – an experience called YOU.

This is just about the greatest, most mind-blowing miracle EVER.

So, are you ready to choose your life?

This is the way the mystic, the shaman and the practical visionary – an every day person just like you – can gain real leverage in your personal universe.  It’s an ancient truth, and a powerfully present opportunity.


Again, today – not yesterday – but today – expand to meet the actual conditions of your life as an opportunity to learn, to love, to connect, to give, to receive and to co-create with the evolving beauty-web of the universe.

Just for today – notice if you expand to meet the challenges and gifts each moment, or if you are in a biology and narrative of contraction. (You are a binary system. You can not do both at the same time.) Notice how you shape your awareness in each moment – on the phone, in the car, as you make dinner, when you talk to your partner or your co-workers.

Notice and choose.

Exhale and expand.

Just for today – move, dance, return to your body, taste the sweetness of your breath and return to your center. HERE is the creative moment. NOW is evolution’s favorite location. Choose the only life you have – the one you have right here and right now.

Life is ALWAYS available for you to CHOOSE IT. This is the essence of resiliency, creativity, and that mysterious quality of total immersion called FLOW.

And… what’s even cooler, is that life (the universe, god, goddess, whatever you call it) WILL respond to your YES! So, shift YOUR pattern – it’s so simple – it’s a choice.

I’ll meet you there.