Living a Life-y Life

Choice.  Change.  Courage.


Here’s my question for the week:

Live a life of order, dependability, safety and culturally pre-defined pathways to success?


Live the one, true, wild, strange, beautiful, magical, ever challenging, continuously learning, co-creative and constantly emergent dance of the life spirit intends for you?  A life lived in accord with the magic, chaos and order of life itself?

Uh… I don’t know…

I choose door number two.


Who’s life are you living? 

Are you living the status quo or the rich and wild intelligence of life as it flows uniquely through you?

Are you willing to confess the ways in which you are out of integrity with your values or your soul’s wisdom or your truest dreams?

Are you willing to RISK the life you prayed for?

What will happen if you don’t?

I live with these questions as constant companions.  I care to live my life in integrity with my soul and with life itself.

There are infinite voices – subtle, ubiquitous, highly programed messages – that tug constantly at the subconscious trying to get us live the status quo, to sell us on some one else’s version of a fulfilling life, to convince us that meaning and value are to be found somewhere other than our homes, our hearts, our hearths – in screens and text windows and the measure of bank accounts.  We are surrounded by a deadening technological pulse of mass culture perpetuating  the desire engines of capitalism, splitting us from our simple, earthly, sensate connections with the very life-y life of life.  But, these voices don’t speak for soul… they don’t represent the deeper intelligence of life.  Business as usual generally doesn’t cause happiness, nor does it empower the soul, nor is it at all sustainable, let alone regenerative or full-bodied joyful.

I, for one, am incapable of feeling at all comfortable in in my skin in a “business as usual” life.

So, I choose to follow soul, spirit and the inseparability of my dance with the larger pulse and intelligence of life.  I do my best to listen and respond – to create my days as an offering and a prayer for joy, for truth and for the wholeness and continuity of the One Great Life.

This almost always causes change.

It always takes courage – more than I think I have.

Anything other than this leaves me feeling deadened and flat.

And you? 

Are you living “business as usual?”  Or, are you choosing?  Allowing the change?  Breathing in courage?

It’s chooser’s choice all the time.   No time like the present.

Make the prayer.

Live a life-y life.

This is my way of being home in the journey, and of coming home by being true to my self.

It’s not about easy.

It’s about honest.

It promises a life you can walk in – in your own skin – in the body you’ve been given and the unique gifts of your soul – in service and in harmony with life.



Life Runs On Love

ImageI’ve been in a cycle of awe and rebellion.

Awe at the incredible grace, love, beauty, wisdom and creativity of my fellow humans.

Rebellion against the radical sickness we humans buy into in the form of systems, structures and behavioral norms we take for granted and inhabit unconsciously as though they were the way nature intended it.

Particularly, I’ve spent heaps of times the last 6 months seeking to do my business “the grown up way.”  I’ve schooled myself on accounting, target marketing, business planning, time management, leadership strategy and SEO.  I’ve sought the advice of colleagues who have had far greater success than I in scaling their offering and services.  I’ve done detailed coaching for myself and my organization with old high school and collage friends who now run global organizations.  And…  I’ve gotta say, to my own credit, I’m pretty good at this shit.

But… at the end of the day, I can’t say I’m any happier or more successful for it.

In fact, in the last few days, I’ve had some pretty serious meltdown-y emotions and needed to do a lot of bitching because, really… I feel totally itchy, constricted and creatively constipated when I work this way.  And, I’m no more productive or efficient.  If anything, I’m effective at achieving things in a linear way, but they totally lack magic.  Working like this is antithetical to my intuition and the organic chaos-in-order that is the natural signature of true beauty.

My soul’s in rebellion.

What I’ve discovered:

The only path that really works for me is an organic and intuitive path of love – a constant meditation and motion in life flow –  a following of what love wants.

Today, I’m super present to this:

Life runs on love.

It doesn’t run on SAP or Google or Chrome.  It can’t be found in the Cloud.  It can’t be sprouted out of anyone’s head – no matter how brilliant.   It’s not interested in scalability,

Life runs on love.  It runs on the sticky, juicy, touch, feely, wiggly, wondrous, refined and magical, mysterious and unpackageable, je ne se quoi, everybody wants it/no one really knows what it is THING we call love.

My business runs on love.

My meetings run on love.

My relationships, when they are working, run on 144% pure love.

I’m not saying this because I pretend to know what love is.  The moment you try to define it, it slides like sand between your grasping fingers.  But, these hands do know a few things about letting go… I do know a thing or two about feeling love, living it, trusting it, and being it.

This is enough.

From today.  I rededicate my life, my business and my relationships to being sourced and resourced from here.  It seems to be my recipe for optimal performance.  It’s not an easy, step-by-step formula.  It’s individual and subjective.  It’s up to me to do it my way.  It’s up to you to do it yours.  It’s a good way to live.

Let’s see what happens.

Wanna come?



Survive or Thrive? Choices at the threshold of a new world.

Birthing A Mature Humanity














The world and society as we have known it is coming completely unraveled.  As without so within ~ almost every person I talk to these days is in the midst of massive change, transition, upheaval and re-creation.

Are you?

It’s time to make a MAJOR CHOICE:

Are you here to SURVIVE or are you here to THRIVE?

We are currently rewriting the patterns and programs through which we manifest our lives, our relationships, our work and our love.   It can be pretty disorienting.  But, it’s THE ONLY THING IT MATTERS.  It’s the Path of Awakening.  IT’S THE PATH TO THRIVING.

It’s THE CHOICE as stand at the threshold of a new world.  Choose contraction or choose expansion.  Choose protection or choose co-creation.  Choose “the box” of the old behaviors, old personalities, old stories, or open to the wild, super-engaged vibrancy of SOUL.

We’re entering the AGE OF SOULVIVAL.

Sowing New Seeds of Self

You in?

A Practice:

Can you name one pattern in your life – like resistance, judgment, arrogance, neediness, isolation, showing-off, protectiveness or distance – that you are ready to let go of?

What is this patter GIVING YOU?  In other words, what DO YOU GET by holding onto it?


Chances are, letting go will allow you to be more in harmony with YOUR SELF, with life, love and CHANGE.

Can you name a new, more harmonic and higher functioning pattern to replace an old one?  Can you support this new pattern through an affirmation of your new world-view and/or a mindfullness practice?  This will help you to cultivate not only a new STATE of being, but a new and permanent TRAIT OF BEING that will affect long-term shifts in the ways you behave, make choices and engage relationships.

Example: My resistance has been a way to stay safe within the narrow confines of my own experience.  It has helped that introvert in me to maintain her aloneness, but it has also prevented me from SO much growth, connection and learning.  This shows me that I could choose to be more curious.  I now meet resistance as a wise friend who lets me know that I need to move slowly with awareness and openness.

Example: My arrogance has been a way of protecting myself from “being wrong”.  It has trapped me in a stance of invulnerability where I feel like I need to defend being right in order to maintain control.  When I RELEASE arrogance and the need to be right, a lot of amazing things happen.  I get to be more connected, curious and intimate with a lot of people.  I get to be equal.  I get to LEARN.  I get to follow.  I get to be “a part.” And, I get the vast PLEASURE of being changed by the love and intelligence of my fellow community members, friends and colleagues.  WOW!  New traits: engaged humility and curious fellowship.

Please post comments and share your insights.

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