Readings & Somatic Sessions

IMG_3368Discover, Recover, Empower!

The meaning of life is to live it.  The doorway to happiness is to choose it.  The way of joy is through surrender and discipline.  This is not easy. The path of love is both the hardest and the most difficult, and it is the only one worthy of the true nature of your soul.

This time we are living is not for the feint of heart.  It’s a time of great change and opportunity, a time of awakening, a vulnerable time when who you are and how you create your life in alignment with your true purpose, with life, with love and with spirit really matters.

“You have to do it by yourself.  You can not do it alone.”             ~Thich Nhat Hanh

My name is Samantha Sweetwater.  I am an initiator.  My signature is authenticity.  And, I am here to support you to live your most radiant, inspired, healthy and abundant life.

I am a coach, a guide and an intuitive bringing 20 years of experience working with people to become fully expressed in their true nature.   My session work supports soul empowerment, healing and spiritual liberation.

Soulucent Life Coaching:  integral life and business coaching for those live a joyful, soul-centered path for their lives.

Soul Readings:  intuitive guidework and healing.

Goddess Readings:  working with the 13 Moon Oracle to receive direct and archetypal guidance about your path.

Private Yoga, Movement & Somatics Instruction:  individually tailored sessions meeting diverse needs within the spectrum of personal spiritual counsel, fitness, therapeutic applications and advanced study.  I integrate thousands of hours of training and practice in dance, yoga, somatics, body work and energy work into my practice.

Contact me at to book a session.

All sessions are $150 per hour.   Packages are available and highly recommended for positive and lasting results.

I offer Skype sessions globally and in person sessions in my home office in Oakland, California.

Detailed info on coaching packages can be found here.

… go in beauty.

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