Beneath Her Feet

The earth beneath her feet.

The sound – so sweet –

Of heartbeat mysteries.

Labyrinth of time

Beyond mind

I find



Center that is everywhere.

Lover, essence

Beyond care.

I dare

This knowing coming

Full and flowing

Like the wind, like the water,

To pour through me –

A transparent sea of

Transmutation through Grace.

The earth beneath our feet –

So sweet.

A wholeness in time,

A perfect rhyme –

The sounding of

Ohm, home, come, one, all.

~ s.s.

Falling HomeSteven @ Havasu

Silence falls in the space beyond story.

The subtle currents take us home.

We are known, human, his-story, her-story.
We are beginnings.
We are rememberings.

We are endings: each one of us complete in the now.
And, we are vulnerable.

In our sharing,
We paint heart resonance across the beyond.
We braid wholeness in body, heart and mind.
We offer ourselves into a space no more and no less
Than human and being.

Our stories show us the shape of home,
Offer up the RASA of hope beyond despair.

And we gather the courage,
the willingness
to stand up again and again,
dance and sing again and again,
love and fall silent again and again
in the face of fear,
unbearable joy
and the slow to dissolve seed of indifference.

We are a small army of gratitude,
Truth fractals unfolding in time and space.
We are living answers.
We are lovers.

Falling, we are given wings.

– s.s. (me)

fire-n-iceFire & Ice

(Bless you, Robert Frost)

Some Say the world will end in fire.

Some in Ice.

From what I’ve tasted of desire,

I hold with those who favor Fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction Ice

is also great

and would suffice.

~ Robert Frost

2 thoughts on “Poetics

  1. dawn…
    and the gates open
    ushering in new eras
    of the heart’s evolution
    revolutions of time
    conspiring to heal
    to amplify
    to transcend
    to ascend to

    I AM


    I AM prophecy
    I AM heart’s wild laughter
    the birth of starlight
    the mother of women,
    the father of men
    I AM the day’s only reason

    I AM the I AM of existence
    revolving around tongues of fire
    enchanted, dancing, pulsing
    to this drum, hollowed
    by God’s own warm hand
    yielding to my own breath
    I B-R-E-A-T-H-E in……e-v-e-r-y thing
    becoming lightning
    the corners of my soul
    exposing the no thing-ness
    of Love

    … unbound i soar

    with wings refined
    by everything


  2. night birds

    this unfurling night a mountain of star creatures
    thirst quenched at celestial pools

    sated on the firmament of wonder
    when dusk hushes calamity, dissonance…

    stream to skeletal posts, roof spines
    and beetle eaten perches
    echoing hymns to the silence, with worshiping silence

    night birds sip breath like salvation
    invisible witnesses to the unseen

    ….none found through seeking…. no answers to names, never feeding, receiving all sustenance

    night hunts them and, they, silence
    birdsong takes one deep into silence…

    wraps one in stillness inside the din of one hundred thousand leaf whisperings

    s.c 5/10/10

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