IMG_3382First Person

I am the question and the questioner, the singer and the song, the dance and the dancer, the motion and the stillness.  I am the space in between.   I am a friend.

I am a co-creator massaging the upwards spiral of evolution, and a social entrepreneur dancing new world commerce through the exchange of experience, regenerative intelligence, beauty, trust and mutual benefit.  I am a spiritual ecologist aligning right relationship within the interconnected and infinitely relational ecosystem of the universe.  I am a holographic architect, co-engineering a more harmonic world.  I am a teacher and a coach who is here to empower the embodied leader in every person.  I live the invitation to collaborate with everything.  I choose alignment with the true voice of my soul.

I am love – just like you.  And, in choosing to be this consciously, I am free.


Third Person

Known internationally for her infectious capacity to evoke laughter, tears, revelation and purpose driven action through embodied ministry and one-on-one healing and coaching, Samantha’s work braids experiential invitation into the re-indigenation of our human consciousness with a soul commitment to co-create peace for all beings in OUR lifetimes.

As a dancer, yogini, author, life coach and priestess, her background bridges systems theory, integral psychology, embodied empowerment, permaculture, collaborative art-making, community development, and Ancient|Future spirituality. As a facilitator and guide, she embodies a fierce, tender and rigorous love that invites you to meet yourself and others with authenticity, courage and compassion, to inhabit life as spiritual practice, and to discover and enact your soul’s purpose.

In 1997, after a career as a professional dancer, choreographer and community organizer, she founded Dancing Freedom®, a movement practice for all bodies for the evolution of Self and community.  She has helped to birth the emergent conscious dance industry, having facilitated Dancing Freedom on 5 continents and trained over 100 facilitators.  Her students have gone on to create successful ecstatic dance communities around the world, to found Dancing Without Borders, to co-found the Young Women’s Leadership Training, to work in the United Nations Peace University, and to facilitate healing movement in women’s crisis centers, Occupy rallies, permaculture trainings, WakeUps, conferences, festivals and community gatherings globally. Between 2007 and 2010, she founded and co-directed PeaceBody Japan, a school for integral personal growth that assisted hundreds of Japanese to create more soulful, successful and co-creative lives.

In 2013,  she has focused her considerable energy on bringing the embodied transformational tools of Dancing Freedom into collaboration with Fundación Cummunidad Sustentable in Ecuador to build http://www.RutaE.org, a nationwide Social Innovation training platform, in partnership with the Ashoka, Kaospilot and Bid Net.

Her educational background includes a self created degree in Social Theory and the Dance (BA, UCSC with Honors) with a secondary emphasis in Legal Philosophy.  She is in the process of completing a combined Masters/PhD with Wisdom University.  A gifted intuitive and clairsentient, she has trained with the Foundation for Spiritual Development, the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School and with various shamans and healers globally.  She is an ordained priestess in the 13 Moon Goddess Lineage of Ariel Spilsbury, a Reiki Master and a certified Dream Coach.  Her professional experience bridges ten years as an independent choreographer, dancer and producer in the San Francisco alternative arts scene, 10 years of teaching and training yoga teachers, and over 20 years of leadership experience from student government to arts and environmental community.  Her greatest learnings have come though a lifetime of daily immersion in the “more than human” world of Nature, 24 years of dance and somatics practice, training, research, and performance, 20 years of advanced yoga study, practice and teaching, and the ongoing journeys of RELATIONSHIP.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Samantha, I really enjoyed your class last week and appreciate having met you. It was a very special class for me and I am definitely looking forward to the next one. I am not going to be able to make it tomorrow night because I will be working but I feel that there are some questions I have that id like to ask you about… I guess a few things, spirit, movement and sacred dance. I feel that you are someone unique that I have not come across before and I think your perspective is one that will greatly aide me in giving grounding to a question that has been hovering in my mind for some time.
    I am assuming that you are quite a busy woman so i can be flexible. What is the best way/time to communicate with you? email, should I just talk to you after the next class I can make it to?
    I hope i am not being too vague here. I just felt touched by the class i took with you and I’d really like to briefly talk with you about some things I think you might know a fair amount about.
    Again, i wish i could be there tomorrow night, but i will probably be there one week from monday.
    all the best
    Devon Fitzgerald

  2. Samantha.
    I am currently walking through the Hawaii airport.

    I have had a profound ten days of spending one w my parents and healing the lineage. Ahhh. The work is so glacially slow and yet I see the movement towards the light.

    I write u here bc I have no other way of connecting to you right now.

    I feel this strong pull towards u in this moment. Just claiming that and revealing that without needing anything.

    I fly soon.

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