For Us All


Today I have received news of the second suicide of a young person in one of my communities.  The news falls hard.  There’s a lot of news like this, these days.  Have you noticed?  How are you feeling?

Today, I have softened my heart to listened and offered the gentle counsel of non-blaming, no-faulting.  I have quietly offered words of embrace to the people still living, navigating the constellation of grief, shock, loss.

And, today, I have found this poem.  I wrote it in 2008.  It is as relevant now.  It is FOR US ALL.  Whatever you are dealing with today- ease or challenge, loss or the burden of having, love or the strange absence of loneliness, or all of the above… This is for you.  This is for us.  These are healing words for today.

34For Us All

These bones – translucent – are your bones. They find us in the halls of her-story.
This blood – fire – is your blood, pulsing the tides of a timeless ocean.
This heart – royal – is our heart. Shall we share the majesty?
Shall we remember our birthright as leaders and children?
Shall we fall quietly into the deafening silence
Of a greater promise?

Your cheek, my sister, is so soft, as we hold each other sighing. I want to walk forward with you, like we know who we are, like we trust one another, like fullness. I want to forget the doubting, and remember the fierce certainty of loving. I want to cradle the one and the many in the expanse of my wings, and to take flight when you squeeze me tight, gathering me to the Earth. I want to resign this job of trying, and take a post of radical success at Café Unconditional. I want to meet meet myself, and see you, and us, and forever, AND feel safe – because I choose to.

I want to fall down laughing – again.

This Harvest is mixed.
Shall we play?
This catch is small.
Shall we sing?
This table is empty.
Shall we dance on it?

Shall we work, and pray and do the long, hard labor of dying and birthing? Together?

We do. And we shall.
Rise up in courage beyond hope
As a tidal wave on unknowable shores.
We do. And we shall.
Surrender arms and take up the one weapon that matters –
An awake heart.
We do. And we shall.
Be the will and the waking of the One.

~ Samantha Sweetwater, October 24, 2008

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