Embodied Leadership Basics

188673_10151360355406578_4379643_npssst… did you hear?  I’m writing a new book.  It’s called More Life, Please.

Yes.  I want more life.


Anyhooo… In the process, I’m digging up some of the old treasures of writing I’ve done for the Dancing Freedom Manual, the Peacebody School and other projects.  I’ve decided to share a bunch of goodies with you – unedited.  (Please be kind with typos or less than perfect structure.)  For all of you co-creating evolution out there, here’s a piece to help you better understand the higher power dynamics at play as you develop and share your unique and perfect gifts:  Embodied Leadership Basics. I think you’ll like it. The 24 Keys of Embodied Leadership will follow in a few days.



Embodied Leadership Basics

Hey Embodied Leaders! Here are some basic principles that apply holographically to every aspect life and action. They are equally applicable to whole-being, psychosomatic health, co-creating healthy relationships and co-creating healthy systems (businesses and institutions) that function in integrity with life. They are alchemical principles. Alchemy describes the actual process of being the change: when you change yourself, you change your world. And, as the world changes, you are also changed. (As above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without. As without, so within.)

Leadership is both an archetypal position that some people hold and an attribute that all people have. Some people are simply “born leaders” – they radiate archetypal qualities that people trust and follow. They attract attention and move large amounts of energy. They are charismatic and easily take the lead. Not everyone has this quality. (Think of JFK, Gandhi, MLK or Michael Jackson.) OBSERVE: Who do you naturally “follow?” Why? How do people naturally follow (or not follow) you? How do you radiate the archetype of leadership?

On another level, leadership is an attribute that every person exercises in different ways at different times. Each of us leads through example as we co-create our lives in integrity with spirit, soul and all of life. We lead when we be, do, and create our lives as true expressions of our heart-knowing. You lead by being you. How do you embody and exercise the attribute of leadership in your home? Your workplace? Your relationships? Your communities?
Embodied Leadership means showing up in integrity with your core values, purpose and soul essence. It means actually integrating who you say you want to be into your body, your personality, your habits of thought, word, and action and your ways of relating in the world.

Leading is not always about “being the lead.” It is also about following and supporting– being a strong follower, letting others shine, flowing with “the energy”, letting the collective heart lead, following divine directives, letting life lead. Much leadership is invisible. True leaders are not “out there for themselves”, they are great listeners, great followers. They place their lives and their actions at service to something larger than themselves.

Embodied leadership means having a certain level of integration – maturity. It is never “achieved.”  It requires ongoing practice – living consciously in dynamic balance with life itself – with the changes, challenges and opportunities life offers. It means putting Embodied principles into practice daily as we structure our lives, our work, our relationships, our communication patterns and our social, economic and political systems. It is an ecological approach – a whole-being, inter-relational, life-centric approach to the harmony and interdependence of life.


…more soon as I dig through old treasures on my way to More, Life Please.

ps.  If you liked this, you may want to join me for Initiation|Soul Quest, September 22-27 in my home bioregion, the magical Siskiyou Mountains, or for the Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training, November 8-29, 2015 in uber-gorgeous and spiritually potent Byron Bay, Australia.

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