I Believe In Your Power to Choose Your Life

20-animal-black-and-white-photography-by-wolf-ademeit.previewHi.  I just wanted to take a moment to say something to you.

Yes… you.  That person reading this who, just like me, navigates some pretty outrageous and subtle challenges pretty much every day to move forward with the life you’ve been given.  That person who knows in her heart that your life is yours, but struggles sometimes to feel that it’s possible.

Yes.  It is possible.

I’m in the midst of final enrollments and logistics for one of my Dancing Freedom trainings.  It’s a huge container – three jam packed weeks of embodied transformation, earth ceremony, soul alchemy, nature immersion, permaculture and dancing.  Every time I do this, I get to be the gatekeeper for tens of people navigating the huge life choice of whether to spend the time, money and energy to do the training.  (I help people with doubt, uncertainty, and the sure power of their dreams.  I don’t sell.  I hold a doorway open and help people make an authentic decision that is empowered and that feels good.)  And, every time I do another one of these trainings, I go through layer upon layer of my own soul initiations to really WALK MY TALK.

So… this time, I’m navigating a big relationship transition (which will have me moving off the farm after the training), a car accident (75pmh impact with a deer) that totaled my car last Friday, healing my body of the trauma of that accident, searching for a new car… all the while managing all the logistics of a three week training, launching another training in Australia, helping on the farm, writing my book, and continuing to play a co-parenting roll with my ex-partner’s kids.       …dang…

So, my initiation (again) over the last 24 hours has been – do I believe in myself???  Can I keep responding gracefully to all the things on my plate?  Can I take responsibility for my sometimes difficult feelings in this breakup?  Can I look out at my Big Life and choose it?

I’ll be honest, last night, trying to talk through moving out and logistics with my ex, I kind of broke down.  We were in our “patterns” and not doing such a good job of listening to each other.  Some time after midnight, I realized I just needed to end the conversation and go to bed.

Thankfully, today is a new day.  Every day is a new day.

And, what I’m present to in this moment is that I HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE MY LIFE.

It took a little umph to get to that mindset.  It took a little will force.  (You have this same will force in you.)

I woke up this morning, and refocused myself on my own center and what’s actually real – everything is ok, I am supported in SO many ways to just take the next step, and I have immense power within me to support myself – through my own attitude and actions.  Whatever my ex doesn’t understand about how I live my life, what drives me, how spirit and the world speak to me, how I see the world… DOESN’T MATTER.  It’s not personal.  All that really matters is that I do what is mine to do.

This is the essence of CHOOSING YOUR LIFE:

  • Center in your self.
  • Do what’s yours to do.
  • Take the next step.

That next step is right there.  (Today, it looks like writing this, then going to find a new car, then getting myself to the retreat where I’m teaching this weekend.)  But, whatever it looks like for you – it’s your next step.

Take it.


The art of choosing your life is right in front of you.  Focus your energy on FORWARD.  That’s the only direction life flows.

The only direction that life flows is forward.  And, it does it one step at a time.

Do it from your heart.  Do it from the strength of your life force and will force.  It’s a STRONG force.  It is SOFT, too.

It’s all going to be ok.  And, no.  Ok doesn’t mean permanent or always stable or guaranteed safe.  It means it’s gonna be the way your life is given to you.  By spirit.  By your own soul.  Through your prayer.  Because you choose it.  Because you live it.

I believe in my power to choose my life.  I know this power through using it.  That’s knowing.  It’s deeper than belief.

It’s a very present tense experience of personal power accessed the moment you turn towards your capacity to respond – to walk forward – in the direction of life – in a way that’s authentic to you.

And, it’s the gentle confidence that comes from observing yourself over the arc of time.

(As I bring witness to my life as it is and as it’s been, I am getting to know that I – my way of doing my life – am a fairly trustworthy vehicle for my own soul.)

This is called seeing evidence in your own actions.  (All of nature and the universe will readily reflect whether you’re on track, too!)

And, it’s also just owning the incredible power that is a human being – that power specifically in you – specifically in me.  Own it.

No one can take it away from you.  No one can take your power.  Nothing is personal.  Only you can choose your life.

But, sometimes we’ve gotta recenter, shake off, take some time to feel our difficult feelings, and review.  (That’s when it’s time to lean into belief.)

I believe in your power to choose your life.

I know you have the power to choose your life.

Do it.



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