How to Get More Life

10268567_10153508091628298_3719500381205598298_nThis morning, while driving down the Bayshore freeway in heavy traffic, I was overcome with tears of love and joy. My life is so powerfully overflowing with the endless answers to all my prayers – including YOU reading this now.  (Yes, I pray for my writing to be useful to real people.)

In our church, there’s a prayer we like to say: Thank you for answering every prayer I’ve ever prayed.

This prayer REALLY works. It focuses your attention on how your whole life, even if you haven’t been aware of it, has been the outcome of your thoughts, intentions, actions and relations. From the very beginning.  Always.  All the time.  Without exception.

We like to place responsibility elsewhere, to play the victim, to think we are inadequate or stupid, or to be shy about just how powerful we really are.  And, sometimes life indeed feels accidental, like, “WTF, how did I get here (this marriage, this job, this age, this bankrupt, this grief striken, etc.).”  But, it’s not.  It’s a co-creation with spirit in every minute of every day, every breath.

When take responsibility for your thoughts, intentions, words and actions and acknowledge that your life is a co-creation with a Power Larger Than Yourself (Your Creator) it’s one, very empowering, two, very relieving, and three, very attractive the the Power Larger Than Yourself to offer you more help.

Here are the keys.  They are simple.  Anyone can do them.

ONE:  make a prayer.  The way to make a prayer is to get quiet and open your connection to the stillness inside of you, to everything around you that wishes you well, and to God (or, Your Creator).  Then, you do three things.  Give thanks for what you are thankful for.  Ask for help.  Ask for what you want.

It’s good to do it out loud.  It’s good to do it with a piece of burning sage, which will help send your prayer up to Spirit.

Once you’ve made the prayer, give it up.  Let go of your will and open to the prayer being answered in a way that isn’t a reflection of control or ego, but is the way the creative force of the universe responds to you.

There are many, many ways to pray, but this simple pattern really works.  It’s a guaranteed way to open yourself up to the real frequency of an open hearted, vulnerable, honest prayer.  Do NOT skip the asking for help step.  Contemporary people are notorious for thinking they can think through and solve of do everything.  This is NOT the way of more life.  It’s the way of control.  Let go of a little control – get the help.  Don’t let go of control – don’t get the help.  Asking for help is one of the most sacred and profound things a human being can do.

TWO:  walk in your prayer.  In other words, you gotta do your part.  LIVE what you ask for, what you need, what you want, what your gratitude reveals about who you are and what moves you.  Live the open heart and receptivity it takes to genuinely receive and give love and assistance.  Walk towards it, do your deal.  Assert your clear boundaries.  Take responsibility what you really do and don’t want in your life.  And, give what you love.  This is called being a human with a prayer.  It will get you a life – a Big Life, the one you want, like you like it.

Don’t get stuck in the paradox of letting of your prayer and walking IN it.  It’s only a paradox if you try think it’s you causing your life, or that you are in charge of timings and outcomes.  it doesn’t work that way.  If you are paying any attention at all to the sacred energy steering your ship, it becomes obvious that your part is to show up with courage and softness, and be the person you pray to be.

Here’s a great story from my life.

Last night, after many years of prayer and life, countless prayer for healing and grace, countless phone calls, family dinners and times of just simply showing up – for whatever – my parents came to Pipe Ceremony. They came with me to meet my other family. They did the whole deal- prayer ties, prayers, smoking the pipe, hugging everybody, everything. And, they even liked it (which was far beyond anything I might have imagined or expected). I feel more connected and coherent than I think I’ve ever felt…. My blood family actually came to meet my soul family, and we all felt happy and connected… yippeeee!  This was an outcome of the prayers and the walking of the prayers – a prayer answered.  What’s next?  More love.  More life.  I get more love and more connection and a deeper sense of meaning and intimacy with my family.  That is more life.

In case you don’t know, Pipe Ceremony is when people come together with the master medicine of the Sacred Pipe, or chanupah, to sit in a circle and pray. It’s not about telling stories. It’s about simple, direct prayer. In my church, the love field is palpable, the sense of welcome so sweet it could melt almost anyone’s armor. Praying with a chanupa is just about the most direct way you can possibly talk to God.  I love it.  You probably will, too.

I’ll share more about how to pray in my next blog.

I love you.



Image credit:  Ashes and Snow

Image credit: Ashes and Snow


We are two. More than one. A community in the minor sense. A communion. We are explorers. Researchers. The body, our territory. Cellular laboratory. Each element a technology. Minutia of intelligences constantly communicating. Layer upon layer of complexity in dialogue. Complexity wed to simplicity. Absolutely nothing extra. Perfect complexity. A bowl of water. Two sacks of water.

Body in relation. He to me. Me to he. Us to gravity, to light, to wood. Us to emotion, in motion. All elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Ether. Mystery and uncreated whisper before the next step, next breath. Ether: the dance of the imagination. Ether, the fractal rose of now unfolding through the heart.

We call on our capacity to relate, to be in the place between heaven and earth so particularly reserved for the human being, a cross upon our hearts. We are bound to express. We caress that expression. We choose to move from the center of being: Crystallized waves yield up the appearance of a dance, of bodies in time, of bodies in space, of bodies/human, of bodies/divine. Giving up choice, we are suddenly whole.

Human/nature is a practice. A collection of practices. An art of showing up, witnessing and translating. Relaxing the knowing. Living feeling. Being stillness and action – BRAIDED.

To dance human/nature is to walk and roll and pause upon this earth as lover, magician and friend. To dance human/nature is to amplify the flavors of relation for the benefit of ourselves and others. Call it performance. Call it practice. Call it what you will, it is our call, our stars, our embodiment we have been given to expand. We are born to be embodied. We are born in bodies because the body, in its moment to moment existence in time and space, is a prayer dance of the infinite loving its-self in finite, fractal form. Loving fully. Loving in solidity. Loving in BODY. We are born to experience THIS! If not, then why have we been given such marvelous tools? Hands, feet, arms, legs…spine? And, the sense organs to perceive the myriad wonder? We are sweet, gawky, wondrous creatures: humans and beings, in nature and form. We are human/nature. That is all. So much: a continuing dance.


ps.  I am a dancer, a lover, a nature mother, a warrior, a teacher, a friend – an experiential eco-cosmologist walking the path of one who’s sole purpose is to go deeper into life and wider into love – and to share that with others as a pathway to living grace.  Today is my 43rd birthday.  This passage was written in my mid twenties when I was totally immersed in research and practice (of consciousness) through the dance.  It has forever framed the way I live and love.  If you’d like to know more about me and dance, or train with me as a Dancing Freedom Facilitator, please head over to the Dancing Freedom website.  ~Much Love~