Once Upon Our Future

10629849_10152229246506360_7315816685292408935_nIncreasingly, I look at the world through a biocentric (rather than anthropocentric) lens.  I’m not afraid to say that I consider most “business as usual” ways of doing things to be totally insane.  Thankfully, a lot of us are embodying new ways of being and doing humanness.  If you are reading this, you are a probably an agent of that change.  In your own way, you are a part of an emergent and evolving humanity.  Thank you.

I wrote this during Sunday’s Climate March.  I wrote this for us.


…Someday, we’ll look back with great certainty and know that we were insane to cut down our forests, deplete our soils, destroy our watersheds, dam our salmon runs, frack our water tables, patent life forms, control the weather, or war over water. Someday, we’ll alight in our simplicity. Someday, we’ll come to understand that real abundance is a living flow, a giving and a receiving, a deep relating, a sacred connection to our land, food, water, soil, air, ancestors, and all of our relations – that is exalted in sharing, not in getting or holding on. Someday, when the planet has spoken so loudly that we can not help but respond, we may discover a sense of self, an experience of PLACE, a social order, a sacred economics and an entirely new (and simpler) set of co-creative technologies that mirror the implicate intelligence of life.

5 Billion years of evolution flows in our DNA, in our instinct, intuition, emotion and empathy. Someday, we’ll look back and know that we are here to c0-create with all of this.

Someday we’ll look back and remember this time through the stories we kept and the ones we made up to keep us through the long dark.

Someday we’ll be softer and stronger.  We’ll know how to LISTEN and how to pray – not to the one god, but to the sacred-in-all.

Someday we’ll look back and, say, “yes, that time was scary and sad.”  We’ll have new hero stories and new death stories.  We’ll have stories of interspecies collaboration.  Mostly, we’ll have one Big New Story of a global people who have come home to place:  people who love where they live and give what they love and eat and sing the living fruits of their valleys.  We’ll have one Big New Story about what it means to come HOME and the sacredness of our neighbors.  We’ll have one Big New Story with life at the center and humans as members of a much larger circle of life.

With great compassion, we’ll say, “they did the best they could.  But, they were ignorant.  It was a part of the pattern.”

For life only wants more life.

And, imbalance precedes harmony.

Ignorance invoke wisdom.

Death teaches how to live.

And we are learning HOW TO LOVE.




Get bigger.

Listen to this future.

Listen to the water.

Time is with us, crashing down on us, in this sweet, closed loop system called Planet Earth.

And, the future is here for the making.

It begins by coming HOME.

It begins with LOVE.