Think About It

ImageDon’t be hypnotized by the money game.   The real opportunity implicit in the gift of a life is to give back to life.  This is where value comes from.  The honest measures of abundance are the love we share, the relationships we build and sustain, and the ways in which we steward the life sustaining wealth of our ecosystemes: watersheds, forests and foodsheds.  We all want a better life.  We all pray to move beyond struggle, but… the answer is not a six figure income, a bigger house, a new car or another vacation.  This is addiction.  A better life is a function of how we embrace challenge, how we show up in our relationships, how we bring presence to our moments, how we live in our bodies and hearts, how we cultivate joy, and how we bring creativity and coherency into our work and play.  If you disagree with me, consider that your lifestyle goals and choices may implicate you in creating ecological ghettos all over the planet.  Consider that your vision of the life you want now may be in direct conflict with a viable future for your kids and for all the other species we humans share this earth with.  Yeah, profitability does matter.  It’s a function of sustainability, but not the measure of it.  The Great Work, for us all, is to start to co-create an economy that is FOR LIFE.  Five ways to do this now:  1.) When running a business, engage a triple bottom line:  people, planet, profit (figure it out).  2.) Explore where and how you can barter.  3.) Engage in the gifting economy.  4.) Grow a garden.  5.) Love your life NOW.  You are enough and it is enough. 

Where did Sam GO? I’m living the questions. And, you?

1507747_10152571843978782_1280316305_nSo… you may have noticed that I’m not in the Bay Area, these days.  You might be wondering if I’ve disappeared.   Or lost the plot?
No… I’m living the life I believe to be in deepest integrity with the changes afoot in our world, growing my food, loving a wonderful man, deepening in community, sharing Dancing Freedom as a space for community prayer, healing and celebration, and leaning into the next cycle of learning, embodying and teaching what it will really take to co-create a regenerative human presence on this planet for our and future generations.

I’m living into the questions:  

What is a sustainable person? What are the real requirements of a regenerative economy? What will it really take to retool civilization (including our approaches to farming, resource management, energy creation and use, economic assumptions, etc.)? How can I (and others) fuel and house and clothe my life in integrity with the biosphere? How can I more effectively be a vital part of a community co-creating a viable future for our kids and for our bioregion? What can I contribute to that community, and what can I glean from this living laboratory to support other communities committed to resiliency, positive social change and ecological harmony? What can I joyfully let go of in order to live closer to the land, deeper into my relationships and more coherently in alignment with my values? How can I better leverage my resources and talents to co-create the world I want to live in?
These are the questions that have driven my life and my dance for many, many years.  I think they are important questions… maybe for you too?  They helped me create Dancing Freedom.  Now they are helping me on the next steps of my life.

• What are the questions that drive you?

• Will you live more deeply into them this year?

• How can your dance practice support you in the commitments and transitions you are called to make to live in integrity with what you most truly love?

For me, now, the answers start here, in Williams Oregon, in my daily life, in community dances in my living room, in putting my time energy and attention towards BOTH very real stewardship of soil and seed and gardens and the more subjective, human and spiritual fields of relationship and spirit. In the reconfiguration of this balance, I know I am living into my own version of the world I want to see. I’m excited to share more soon. LOVE!




P.S. The Dancing Freedom Fast Track Training is almost full! If you’re thinking about attending, it’s time to reserve your spot – apply now to register and save your spot.

P.P.S.  I’m planning a really special 5 day retreat for this Summer specifically to dance into some of these questions, supporting you to take your next steps towards living in balance and cultivating your leadership vision and contribution to regenerative culture.  Keep your eyes out for dates and details.