Improbable. Incredible. Indomitable.

ImageWhat do dancers, Burners, organic farmers, artists, healers, conscious parents and sacred activists all have in common?

1.) We choose to live life at the improbable edge of beauty and simplicity, giving our time, energy and attention, our blood, sweat and tears back to the earth, into our prayers, and in service to the continuity and interconnectivity of all of life. (We know that real abundance can be found not in more stuff or bigger bank accounts, but in awakeness, relationship and the physical structures that perpetuate and empower real health and ecological balance.)

2.)  We daily meet feeling and sensation, fatigue and elation, destruction and creation with incredible courage, self-awareness and persistent compassion, not because it’s easy, but because it’s the only thing that really makes sense or that makes us happy.  We like to be happy.  (We choose to show up instead of walking away.)

3.) We embody the indomitable intelligence of life itself, being and behaving as the water, going with the Way, engaging our energy to create more love, light and life, flowing as the coherency of soul-in-action.  (We turn off the death channels of addiction, dissociation, despondency, despair, apathy, anxiety, materialism and rage in favor of YES to the challenges, growth and grace of life.)

WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.  We – the dancers, the farmers, the sacred activists, the parents, the artists, the incurable lovers of life – embody wise and fierce innocence, a chosen innocence we have won through the hard initiations of years.  We manifest the true spirit of creativity, vitality, radiance and learning-through-play as the art and practice of our lives.  We constantly re-blossom in the prayer for more life, more love, deeper into-me-see, more meaningful service, and a more elevated yet connected experience of being LIBERATED INTO LIFE.

ImageToday, I bow to you.  I bow to the improbable, incredible, indomitable beauty that you mirror back to me.  I bow to the intensity of our creative fire, the magnificence of our passion, the trembling of our vulnerability, the disorientation of our ego dissolution, and the numinous emergence of ALL of our dreams.  You take my breath away.  You shatter me with your grace.  You startle me with wisdom and humility.  You mirror me to myself and remind me where my heart, body and soul are at home.  Without you, I could not fully be myself.

Thank you for who you are, who we are becoming, and who WE WILL BE as we continue to co-create the living architectures and ways of being that are the hope for the future of humanity.

Today, I say YES, MORE, PLEASE.  Yes.  Let us live, let us dance, let us create the improbable peace we continuously seek.  Let  us be simple, humble, beautiful and wise.  Let us be the the ones who cause a regenerative human presence on this earth

Today, I say thank you to you, for the seeds within you.  And, I invite you to plant them, to water them, and to bring them fully into fruit.  We need us.  We need you.

If you’ve been feeling small, insecure, insignificant, lost or out of control… ok.  Guess what?  We all feel that sometimes.  And, we all are that sometimes.  But, it’s just a temporary state.  It’s normal for anyone who is really living at the edge of mystery.  Just take a big, sighing breath and flush that feeling out of your system.  Let it go.  Take a new breath.  Remind yourself that you are living your life in relationship with something far larger than yourself.  You are living in alignment with life.  Life has your back.  Bring those less-than-awesome feelings into the dance and shake them loose.  In the perfect prayer you already have for yourself, you will soon make the next step, and the next.  You are improbable, incredible, indomitable…  we know who you are!

As Dostoyevsky said, “Beauty will save the world.”  What improbable, incredible, indomitable dream is latent and waiting to be birthed through you?

Make the prayer.

Do your dance.



Ps… if that dream is all about DANCE, please join me in BALI, November 1-26 for the Dancing Freedom International Teacher Training and Soul Immersion – an initiation into movement as medicine that will launch you into the next expression of the dream of your life.