Life Runs On Love

ImageI’ve been in a cycle of awe and rebellion.

Awe at the incredible grace, love, beauty, wisdom and creativity of my fellow humans.

Rebellion against the radical sickness we humans buy into in the form of systems, structures and behavioral norms we take for granted and inhabit unconsciously as though they were the way nature intended it.

Particularly, I’ve spent heaps of times the last 6 months seeking to do my business “the grown up way.”  I’ve schooled myself on accounting, target marketing, business planning, time management, leadership strategy and SEO.  I’ve sought the advice of colleagues who have had far greater success than I in scaling their offering and services.  I’ve done detailed coaching for myself and my organization with old high school and collage friends who now run global organizations.  And…  I’ve gotta say, to my own credit, I’m pretty good at this shit.

But… at the end of the day, I can’t say I’m any happier or more successful for it.

In fact, in the last few days, I’ve had some pretty serious meltdown-y emotions and needed to do a lot of bitching because, really… I feel totally itchy, constricted and creatively constipated when I work this way.  And, I’m no more productive or efficient.  If anything, I’m effective at achieving things in a linear way, but they totally lack magic.  Working like this is antithetical to my intuition and the organic chaos-in-order that is the natural signature of true beauty.

My soul’s in rebellion.

What I’ve discovered:

The only path that really works for me is an organic and intuitive path of love – a constant meditation and motion in life flow –  a following of what love wants.

Today, I’m super present to this:

Life runs on love.

It doesn’t run on SAP or Google or Chrome.  It can’t be found in the Cloud.  It can’t be sprouted out of anyone’s head – no matter how brilliant.   It’s not interested in scalability,

Life runs on love.  It runs on the sticky, juicy, touch, feely, wiggly, wondrous, refined and magical, mysterious and unpackageable, je ne se quoi, everybody wants it/no one really knows what it is THING we call love.

My business runs on love.

My meetings run on love.

My relationships, when they are working, run on 144% pure love.

I’m not saying this because I pretend to know what love is.  The moment you try to define it, it slides like sand between your grasping fingers.  But, these hands do know a few things about letting go… I do know a thing or two about feeling love, living it, trusting it, and being it.

This is enough.

From today.  I rededicate my life, my business and my relationships to being sourced and resourced from here.  It seems to be my recipe for optimal performance.  It’s not an easy, step-by-step formula.  It’s individual and subjective.  It’s up to me to do it my way.  It’s up to you to do it yours.  It’s a good way to live.

Let’s see what happens.

Wanna come?



The power of WE: the good, the bad and the awesome.


I am interdependent with everything.  The dance of my small self and my individual life is an empathic dance with All of Life.  I experience myself as a fractal of the whole.  Maybe you are like this, too?  My feelings are both personal and transpersonal.  If you relate to this, you are an empath.  Empathy is the capacity to have feelings connected with collective consciousness, the earth and other life forms.

Being empathic means being a very human Human.   It means that your human capacity to feel functions as a mirror and a measure not only of your individualized life experience, but for collectivity, as well.  For me, this manifests as being really sensitive and sometimes not knowing why I feel so much, but just needing to feel it all.

Just like everyone, have good days and bad days.  Just like you, I don’t always feel clear.  I don’t always have the answers.  I sometimes feel lost, confused, frustrated or just plain lost and lousy.  My heart and body feel it all.  And, I have come to know that my small self journey is a fractal of the whole of humanity.  And, because of this, I need your mirroring, your healthy reflection of the process of embracing life with love.  I need to grok (meaning: to empathically receive) the good, the bad and the awesome THROUGH THE LOVE OF OTHERS.  I CAN NOT DO MY LIFE ALONE.  I need you in order to fully know myself.

So, really, I am writing this blog to to THANK YOU.

I thank you for the way you embrace and embody the good, the bad and the AWESOME in life – every day.  It’s a practice.  It takes commitment.  And, I know you are worthy of this thanks.  After all, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t give a sh** about love, life and the planet.  So, thank you.

Here’s the reality:  I can not do my life without your love. I can not hold my small self in coherence with my collectivity without your touch, your mirroring, the solace and the HOME you offer me, and the courage each of you embody on our shared path. I am a being of collective intelligence. My heart is part of the Earth’s heart, part of humanity’s soul. My little life is a reflection of the whole. The pain I feel is often larger than me… and it is the pain I continue to know as the opportunity for our deepest thriving.

Together…. WE are the healing of this pain. WE are the return and the remembrance and the dance and the desire of All of Life to know itself in a circle – a circle of wholeness that honors all. ‘

I woke this morning singing with the earth, singing her loss and our cost – the cost of all that we have forgotten in the race to have more, to transcend our animal nature, to remove ourselves from the dirt of life.  Humbly, radiantly, I am embracing it all.  Comm-passion: passion in communion.  We HAVE IT ALL NOW.  Today, I return to AWEbundance.  Today, as every day, we are the one’s we have been waiting for… and that means living INTERDEPEN-DANCE wholly, in every aspect of our lives.

Thank you. I love you.