What is Limitlessness??

… I’m totally smattered by this image.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the limitless nature of consciousness and the  human illusions of limitlessness (of markets, ecosystems, resources, etc.) that have led us to the place where we now find ourselves as a species.

Limitlessness is a spiritual reality, a quantum reality.  It is one which we can embody, experience and carry forward into the world through our awakened hearts.  Limitlessness is NOT a material reality.  The material world (the “below” in the alchemical dictum of “as above so below”) teaches us the wisdom of limits – the true mastery of brining limitless consciousness to bear in a good way in the course of our daily work and interactions.  This world desperately needs the next octave of limitless human consciousness – not the greed and entitlement of endless external expansion and consumption, but the wisdom of interior elevation and vision brought forth in previously unimagined solutions to our very real problems of limits.

May we bring LIMITLESS consciousness to bear as we learn to innovate and cocreate in harmony with living systems, not projecting our need for limitlessness outward, but discovering it inwardly and shining our inner infinity out as loving, balanced acts.

Life is a Labyrinth

The Labyrinth At Chartres

Labyrinth, take me home. Carve from me what no longer serves. Harmonize my winding ways. Show me the innate harmony of my soul. Align me with my place in the cosmos. Take from me false wisdom, and help me to know.

Ancient, eternal pathways – the river that is never the same twice, the life that is always taking a new turn, the path that is always mine to walk, always inviting a deeper service and a wider space of heart. Tonight I walked with over 100 pilgrims in the great, ancient labyrinth of Chartes to the sound of cello and gregorian chant. My prayer: to release all structures of ego, embodiment or perceived comfort that no longer serve me, and to receive the clear path forward for all that I am here to serve and create as I walk in joy with an open heart.