Why Dance?

12-beautifully-humanIt helps.  It really helps.

“I would believe only in a God that knows how to Dance.”  -Friederich Nietzsche

“Are we human?  Are we dancing?”  ~The Killers


Why Dance?

It just makes sense.  When we dance, nothing is hidden.  We feel.  We love.  We connect.  We reflect.  We share joy.  We find our authentic inner impulses.  We see ourselves and others transparently.  We uplevel our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being – all at the same time.

From the very beginning I have danced.  I have listened with my body to the shape and texture of nature and the unseen, to archetypal energies, and to the shadow play of the human psyche.  At the age of 13, I began locking myself into the wrestling room at my High School to find myself and God.  I danced as an act of self-preservation, of creation, of communication and of communion.  I created innumerable dances about spiritual states beyond name or form, about war and peace, and about the play of human relations.

I have danced because it was in me to do so – the most natural and unavoidable expression of my soul.[1]  I have danced because it is a listener’s path: away to follow and a way to lead.   For me, dance is a medicine, an alchemical practice that invites everything as the raw material and opportunity to create more life.  Through dance, I have a direct and personal conversation with with Creator and Creation.  And, I have a medium through which to conveyed this conversation as an offering to the world.   Through dance I co-create sacred community and collaborative leadership.  I transform and transmute the raw material of my emotions into art and self leadership.  With and through dance, I find the way to move forward in my life and to help others do the same.

Despite this amazing list of benefits, I have doubted the dance as a vehicle.  I have doubted its value and legitimacy as a way to “spend my time”, give my service and shape my life.  Why?  Because “the dancer” is not the image we are taught to hold for leadership or power.  Like most of us, I was taught to see the image of power in suits, stats and definable results.  In these terms, dance is “a luxury,” or “a girl’s thing,” or “a waste of time.”  As a career path, it is anything other than the effective, efficient, financially conservative pathway to success that was hoped of me as a promising young person.  In reality, dancing together has been a central practice for generating resonance and collectivized prayer in tribal communities for untold ages.  And, the truth, beauty and goodness it empowers are the very foundation for all that is valuable to a human life.

Thankfully, my soul’s stubborn power was stronger than these cultural stories.  The dance won, and has always been central to my life.  Sharing and spreading the practice of Dancing Freedom is at the heart of my sacred leadership.  It is a practice of prayer and presence that encircles and defines my personal conversation with god and my ministry in community.  Though my leadership mission has many faces other than dance, moving together is the centerless center at the middle of my altar – the Tao manifest as a practice unfolding in time.  My business, Dancing Freedom, supports people in personal transformation, leadership development and community building.  It works.  Dance is the place I, and many others, go to resource truth.

[1] Like many dancers of spirit (Isadora Duncan among them), my dancing emerged independent of any conscious cultural, ancestral or soul-level influences.  I now see it as the outcome of many, many past lives combined with a soul calling to know and embody the soul, the divine and all of life in the most practical, immediate of ways.  And, I do not know if my blood ancestors danced.  But, I do know that my dancing came from a level of listening (to myself and to the collective) quite beyond myself.  Like the Ghost Dance, but on a smaller level, my own path expresses the way in which the dance can heal culture and a people.

Ps.  To dance with Samantha, join her EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at 8pm at Western Sky Studio for Dancing Freedom.  Address: 2525 8th Street, Berkeley.  Or, join one the Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training Program, and bring the dance more deeply into your community or organization. 

Why Being You Matters More Than Anything Else

Find Your Liberation! photo: Sean Stutchen

Why being YOU matters more than anything else:

It is simply too painful not to be yourself.  Doing anything other than the expression of who you really are is just to deadening, too confining, and too damn hard.  Inauthenticity to self is a road to disease, a path we were taught so that we could be controlled and become instruments of contol.

We are not that.  WE are free.  We are love.  WE are the creative force of god.

And, we are the cutting edge of mainstream – the crest of the rising wave of a new humanity and a new way of doing civilization.  WE are evolution.  Who you are and what you bring is exactly what the world needs.  It needs each and every one of us to show up uniquely as ourselves.

This is the spiritual ecology of the universe:  each of us is a unique manifestation of the divine mind that has it’s perfect place within the greater soul-ecology of creation.  Everything, every person, has a perfect niche.  It’s simply up to us to know this – have faith in it – and to let it happen.  Then, we get to (as opposed to have to) create our lives and our work in ways that feel good and fulfilling, uniquely, to each of us.   Then we get to be liberated in each moment we live as a true expression of love.

The world needs us desperately.  The world needs people who are awake to their true nature as love.  The world needs soulful, healthy people who turn towards each other and towards life.  The world needs us to create our work and our lives in this Way.

All the flags, all the people, universal peace.

Remember this:  We are not a counter culture.  We are not “the opposition.”  We are the light and the hope and the innovation that world is desperately crying for.  If you struggle with your work or with feeling as though you don’t belong, stop and listen to how the world is calling for you, how it needs your creative contribution and your unique gifts in order to experience a greater wholeness.  WE are the song of oneness – all the notes of the rainbow symphony – every one.  Listen to how Life is calling to you specifically – your gifts, your affinities, your capacities and even your unique pains and struggles.  It is showing you exactly what you can, and already do, give.

There is no more opposition.  In the past, we opposed “our enemies.  In the past, we resisted fear, anger, pain, grief.  We feared our emotions; we feared others; we feared or own imperfections and covered them in masks.  In the present, we embrace everything.  We live as the water – resisting nothing.  We respond.  We are response-able.  Able to respond.

This is how we are living the compelling case for everyone, anyone, to join us – by living our joy.  We create ourselves as a compelling case by being awake and by totally enjoying it!  We live the practical case to join us by needing less and having more bliss, by getting more done with less effort, by creating sustained, authentic relationships and by allowing our lives to be as fun, beautiful and dignified as they really are.  We live the compelling case to join us by turning towards whatever challenges us as an opportunity for greater harmony.

"All of life is a circle." ~Black Elk

Oneness excludes nothing.  It opposes nothing.  It collaborates with everything.   We collaborate with everything.

Life opposes nothing.  It just wants more life.  Being like life is the same thing as living as god, is the same thing as living as love.

We did not get here alone.  We are the dreaming of our ancestors.  We are the ancestors of the future.  We are the ones we are waiting for, and we’re not waiting anymore.

Much Love,

Samantha Sweetwater

ps.  If you know your life purpose involves leading, healing, spreading awakening and and building community THROUGH DANCE,  then join us for the next Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training – EMBODIMENT: The Practice.  March 2-11, 2012 at the Harbin Oneness Institute in Middletown, California.

pps.  If you want individualized help to Live Your Path more abundantly, effectively and joyfully, contact me for Soul Coaching.