How to gain leverage in your personal universe

Say YES to the beauty around you. Seek beauty to heal your soul.

Life is THE miracle.

Once upon a time consciousness birthed itself into form… Over time, the miriad, ever-learning form shaped itself into a very specific happening called your life…

Right now, you are having the opportunity to live as a moving, breathing, perceiving, feeling, thinking bundle of LIFE, of consciousness having an experience of itself – an experience called YOU.

This is just about the greatest, most mind-blowing miracle EVER.

So, are you ready to choose your life?

This is the way the mystic, the shaman and the practical visionary – an every day person just like you – can gain real leverage in your personal universe.  It’s an ancient truth, and a powerfully present opportunity.


Again, today – not yesterday – but today – expand to meet the actual conditions of your life as an opportunity to learn, to love, to connect, to give, to receive and to co-create with the evolving beauty-web of the universe.

Just for today – notice if you expand to meet the challenges and gifts each moment, or if you are in a biology and narrative of contraction. (You are a binary system. You can not do both at the same time.) Notice how you shape your awareness in each moment – on the phone, in the car, as you make dinner, when you talk to your partner or your co-workers.

Notice and choose.

Exhale and expand.

Just for today – move, dance, return to your body, taste the sweetness of your breath and return to your center. HERE is the creative moment. NOW is evolution’s favorite location. Choose the only life you have – the one you have right here and right now.

Life is ALWAYS available for you to CHOOSE IT. This is the essence of resiliency, creativity, and that mysterious quality of total immersion called FLOW.

And… what’s even cooler, is that life (the universe, god, goddess, whatever you call it) WILL respond to your YES! So, shift YOUR pattern – it’s so simple – it’s a choice.

I’ll meet you there.