“Thank you for my life!” ~ Easter Sunday Post

The Fire Of the SOUL Never Dies or Dims. We simply forget to trust, listen and act from the deep knowing within.

“Thank You For My Life!”

Arriving home on this blessed Day of Resurrection – this day when Christ returned through the miracle of death, this day when all of us have the the opportunity to be reborn as our true selves and to choose our path of life FULLY through the miracle that is death – I had a realization.

I realized that when I say THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE, I am not just saying thank you for the living of my life – the way I live it – all that I get to experience in it, all that I have, all that I get to do, the people in my life, the beauty, the tears – or even just the simple miracle of being a living thing called a human being in a real life body having the experience of MY life.

YES.  I am saying a HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF THIS, But I am also doing something much more essential, more holy.  More real.

When I say “thank you for this life,” am I saying thank you for the simply, undeniable and absolutely unique FACT of ME.  I am saying yes to the manifested blueprint of my own particular soul – the way the universe experiences and expresses itself as the actual, unfolding event called “Samantha Sweetwater,” the way it is for me alone to be the essence of this, and for no one else.

I am saying THANK YOU for the fact that GOD HAS CHOSEN TO MANIFEST AS ME.

He… She… It has chosen to manifest as the small, immense, perfect, fallible, magical, single life that I personally am living RIGHT NOW.

I am saying thank you for the WHO and WHAT I am as a person who is by my very nature an emanation of the divine mind and heart.

THIS is the core of my THANK YOU.  And, this is the wellspring of my true worth in this world – not anything I do, anything I achieve, anything I create or anything I own, but all the particular qualities of creation that exist in the world because I exist.

I AM ENOUGH – not because of anything I do or prove to myself – BUT BECAUSE I AM INNATELY DESIGNED THAT WAY – BECAUSE CREATOR CREATED ME TO BE JUST ME AND ONLY ME AND EXACTLY ME, JUST THE WAY I AM.  PERIOD.  Creator created me to DO LIFE in the particular way I do.  And that’s how simple – THAT’S HOW BIG – my enoughness is.  That’s the size of my sufficiency.

It’s up to ME to align my mind with this truth, and to say an ever bigger yes to the WAY GOD IS AS THE PARTICULAR LIFE THAT I AM HERE TO BE.  To say an even bigger yes to the unique experience spirit is having through my body, my heart, my mind and my choices.   To say an even bigger yes to the way the universe sees itself through my eyes, the way it feels itself through my feelings, the way it lives as my body, the way it speaks through my words.

So, I am saying THANK YOU for the miracle that god is created as me – just like you, just like your dearest friend, just like your greatest enemy – as god’s perfect representative to be exactly what and who and how I BE – exactly THIS LIFE THAT I AM LIVING RIGHT NOW.


Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin.

A note:

If this speaks to you deeply, I invite you to re-read this again and place yourself in the driver’s seat of the words.  Like this:

Read these words as if they are your own words.  Relax your mind and open your body, your heart, and your whole self to BE this gratitude for yourself as a perfect expression of the One Great Life.