Equinox Thoughts – Brilliance and Fear

Equinox Energies:

Brilliance and Fear


Fulfilling the holographic potential of our true intelligence.  Aligning the harmonies we co-create through crystalline coherency.  Meeting fear directly as opportunity to grow.  Noticing when we are playing out fear based stories and choosing, consciously, to re-write them with empowerment and grace.

On this Equinox day, a gateway of balance between the expansion of Summer and the decent of Winter, I am harvesting the fruits of an extraordinarily full season.  I am contemplating the nature of this unique turning moment in the history of the human race, and listening to the question:  WHAT IS IN WISDOM?

My thoughts center around the twin forces of Awakening and Planetary Crisis.

Emergence and global warming pose THE essential spiritual and existential questions of our time. These twin factors define the “ecology of consciousness” we think, live and love within.  We are not unique or special in hearing the calling of Wisdom.  Anyone who is remotely conscious is called, on some level, to engage the systemic challenges before us as individuals, as communities, as a species, as members of an interdependent planetary ecology, and as dependently co-arising beings within the Cosmic Mind. What distinguishes any one of us as a unique being is how each of us “chooses to live the questions.”  How do you live the questions?  How do we?  I would like to frame this writing as an invitation to examine our capacity as a community to SHOW UP and to be and act as wisdom in these extraordinary times.


• Sustainability is not enough.  While I am 144% certain that our survival is at stake,  I am also certain that we must think and feel beyond the box of survival to make it through the eye of this needle.  I am interested in resilience, regenesis and thrival – in how we build our capacity to think, live, feel and love from these memes.

• Resilience, regenesis and thrival require total embrace of death.  To be a Climate Leader is to live the meditatation on the luminosity of death and the rich compost of life – to walk through death, shadow and fear with open eyes, awake mind and courageous heart.

• Wisdom emerges through the depth lineages of the past AND from our projected vision of a regenerative future (in depth relationship to Gaia).  I have taken to the MYSTICAL PATH OF FUTURE MEMORY, and am applying it daily to my work, relationships and vibrational field.  The “possible human” is one such vision.  There are many, from many lineages, and source-able through one’s own visionary capacity.  Part of wisdom NOW is to source from the braiding of Ancient, Future and personal gnosis.

•  Most “consciousness” institutions (Like Wisdom University & IONS) are primarily places for the Static Feminine and Static Masculine aspects of consciousness to blossom.  Whereas, activist, political and business organizations are primarily a places for the Active Masculine & Feminine with doses of the two other quadrants thrown in.  How might we more actively bridge these two poles?  Do we want to?

• Mastery is the outcome of our ability to travel gracefully within apparent polarity and antinomy.  PRACTICE is ever at the heart of the wise path.  An excellent contemplation for this day of Equinox:  inner and outer, masculine and feminine, root and branch, heart and head, top down/bottom up, inside out/outside in.   How can we as a community continue to bring our integral wisdom to Climate Leadership?

• Restraint, Excellence, Hubris:  If we are really going to make it through this portal, we are genuinely being called to own that WE ARE CREATORS – god-selves able to recreate the world.  However, we cannot do it “in our own image”.  We must own this with ultimate humility, feeling it not through ego, but through the interconnectivity of ecological/holographic consciousness, through the contemplation on dependent co-arising.  We must do this, as the Greeks did, with loving, disciplined restraint and studied excellence, or we will fall into hubris.  And… we will need a lot of stamina, persistence and perseverance.  There are no silver bullets, except, perhaps, the pure heart.


• Emergence: This is not something that is happening uniquely to us as “a wisdom community,” but for the entire human family all at once.  Nor do I believe that we are particularly  “ahead” because of the work we are doing.  Rather, I see us as a part of an unknowably vast wave of emergence that is happening through an archetypal logic far greater than any one of us.  Two biologic metaphors best describe this emergence: the mycelium and the butterfly.  The mycelium is everywhere and totally invisible.  It sprouts mushrooms whenever the conditions are ripe to support fruit.  (We do not control this.) The butterfly is the force of beauty.  (We choose beauty through resonance.)  By being early responders within the chrysalis soup, we play the role of “imaginal cells” for greater whole.  Thus, we play a part in the reconfiguration of the DNA of the caterpillar becoming butterfly (the emergence of regenerative culture).

• Intelligent Optimism:  In Paul Hawken’s words: “If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse.”

We are the pulse.  Thank you for reading.  I look forward to continuing in mind, heart and hands – together.

In love and respect,

Samantha Sweetwater

So Be It

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

Infolding - photo by Wes Carson - Dancer: Me

I am not a teacher.

I have nothing to say.

What I know is stillness And motion.

What I know is that they are one and the same.

I am universe dancing.

I offer the love that I am.

God speaks or is silent from this.  This being of freedom IS the Prayer.