Falling Home

Falling Home

Silence falls in the space beyond story.

The subtle currents take us home.

We are known, human, his-story, her-story.
We are beginnings.
We are rememberings.

We are endings: each one of us complete in the now.
And, we are vulnerable.

In our sharing,
We paint heart resonance across the beyond.
We braid wholeness in body, heart and mind.
We offer ourselves into a space no more and no less
Than human and being.

Our stories show us the shape of home,
Offer up the RASA of hope beyond despair.

Our actions paint
The Audacity of Hope
Across a darkening sky.

And we gather the courage,
the willingness
to stand up again and again,
dance and sing again and again,
love and fall silent again and again
in the face of fear,
unbearable joy
and the slow to dissolve seed of indifference.

We are a small army of gratitude,
Truth fractals unfolding in time and space.
We are living answers.
We are lovers.

Falling, we are given wings.

– Samantha Sweetwater

Calling all Philosophers and Saints

“The only real revolution is the enlightenment of mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints.”  (Durant & Durant, p. 72)

So, we must BE the philosophers and saints.  (!?!)  We must be the enlightenment of mind, and the character of a new human blueprint for collectivity and harmonic acts.

Is it hubris to believe that WE are THE ANSWER?  Seems to me, it is hubris to believe we are not.  For, to step away from our power at this time, is to leave the play in the middle of the third act.  We are the ONES of faith beyond reason, and it is our action out of love that will generate miracles.

by Francine Hart

by Francine Hart


Solstice thoughts…

rainbow sky

Love.  In the time of apocalypse.  Unpacked from its latin roots, apocalypse means revelation: the great turning, revealed in the death of all that we have ever known.  Am I ready?  Are we ready.  I am reminded of the stark words of a long ago friend: “all we can do is love it.”  Love in the time of apocalypse is beyond reason, beyond hoping, a choice of faith beyond reason.  let go.  fly.